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School lunchtimes.

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vwvic Wed 15-Jun-05 16:41:27

DD1 takes a packed lunch to school each day. However, the problem is that she hardly ever eats it. She eats breakfast before school, and a piece of fruit at breaktime. At weekends and during the holidays she eats lunch with no problem at all- she has a very healthy appetite.

When we asked her why she doesn't eat she shrugs, get upset, and says she doesn't know. This doesn't happen at any other time. Our first thought was that there was a problem in the dining hall, but after talking about it repeatedly with the teacher and head, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. School have left it saying that there is nothing they can do.

I'm sure this is not good for her, and it definately affects her mood. She comes home very grumpy and aggressive on the days when she has not eaten anything, as you would expect. This has been an issue for nearly two years now, since she first went into reception. Any suggestions would be gratefully received, as I feel at the end of my tether.

Mo2 Wed 15-Jun-05 17:03:58

Are yoiu sure there's nothing going on at lunchtime? I know DS1 went through a phase of being really hungry when he came home, and it emerged that he wasn't eating (school) lunch properly because if he finished quickly he could join his (packed lunch) friends in the playground who had already finished because they hadn't ahd to wait to be served their school lunch.

vwvic Wed 15-Jun-05 17:29:54

That's exactly the thing, I'm not sure if there is nothing going on. As she eats packed lunches, she should be one of the first out anyway, so I don't think she misses bits so she can play out faster. She also hates the playground with a passion!

It's not just the being hungry when she comes home, it's more to do with seeing the evidence of unopened/untouched food in her lunch bag.

kazoo Wed 15-Jun-05 19:42:43

Just some thoughts on what might be causing the prob.
At my school packlunches are not allowed to sit with hot dinners ( stupid idea I know) this means some children don't get to eat lunch with their friends and therefore would rather skip dinner altogether.
Dinnerladies aways rush children who are last in hall and many don't finish eating.
Sad as it sounds children compare packlunches and if you haven't got the latest cheesestrings etc. you can feel left out and not want to show your lunch to anyone.
Main reason I have found is not liking what was in the lunchbox but not wanting to tell parents because they thought this would upset them. Although this does usually start with child throwing sandwiches away to hide evidence and your dd doesn't do this.
Just to be sure it isn't the food ask her to make up her own ideal lunchbox and see if it is anything like what she takes to school. I know children pick all the things that are bad for them but at least it might get her to eat something.
Or ask one of her friends if they know why. Children of your daughters age don't understand secrecy and will definately tell you if they know.
Tough one really because school can't force your daughter to eat but perhaps they could monitor or get dinnerladies to watch her during lunchtimes for any signs why this is happening.

vwvic Thu 16-Jun-05 13:26:12

I found out the reason yesterday. Another girl from dd1's class (who we have had issues with before) has been trying to taste dd1's lunch, even grabbing it and sniffing(!)it. The poor child just doesn't want to touch it after that, so she escapes as soon as she can. I'm going to talk to the teachers this afternoon.

Chyla Thu 16-Jun-05 17:38:44

did u talk to the teachers?

happymerryberries Thu 16-Jun-05 17:44:14

I wouldn't have thought that the teachers will be monitoring lunch. most schools have lunchtime supervisors to do this. The staff will be having their lunch then and often using the time to set up the afternoons activities.

Miaou Thu 16-Jun-05 18:12:59

that no-one seems to care, vwic! Surely there are some adult supervisors in the dinner hall? I would have thought it was their job to make sure that children are eating, not to say they can't do anything about it!

Schools have a duty of care towards our children and by not making sure there is a comfortable/safe environment for children to eat in, they are failing in that duty IMO.

Also I would say that the other girl's behaviour constitutes bullying of sorts.

Keep us updated on what happens. I'm so !

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