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Anyone got children in primaries in Tooting? Or Streatham...I don't understand the Ofsted reports

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whattheheck Tue 27-Oct-09 20:52:58

Thinking of moving to somewhere round there - but am finding it really difficult to judge what the schools are like. I know Penwortham and Furzedown are meant to be the best but don't think we can find somewhere in the catchment area. Are any others ok? Where would you go in South London? Help. Feeling sick and DD only 8 months but this is a big move for us that will determine her schooling...

londonone Tue 27-Oct-09 21:20:25

Don't touch Christchurch C of E in streatham with a bargepole, despite its good OFSTED reports.

mimsum Tue 27-Oct-09 21:40:04

Penwortham and Furzedown both have 'priority' areas rather than catchment areas - there should be details on the Wandsworth borough website - but what it means is that you may live closer to the school than another family, but if they are in the priority area and you're not, they'll get the place. Eardley's not a 'bad' school, but has a higher percentage of 'troubled' children, which gets higher as they go up the school and more children move out.

If your dd's only 8 months you've got plenty of time yet so don't panic. Although remember that you've got secondary as well, so if you get a house that's also in the catchment for Graveney then that's a bonus.

What are you looking for? I have friends who're trying to sell a 3-bed house close to Penwortham but having no luck so there are definitely places on the market

whattheheck Tue 27-Oct-09 21:47:14

londonone - why not Christchurch?????? intriguing

mimsum - i'm looking for a 3/4 bed house - but think 3 bed more likely on our budget....where's your friend's house?

londonone Tue 27-Oct-09 21:53:54

Worst school I have ever worked with/in, v poor discipline, old fashioned ineffective teaching I have no idea how they managed to get the OFSTED reports they have!

whattheheck Tue 27-Oct-09 22:02:59

this is why i get confused and other than visiting all the schools before moving to an area am really at a loss.....

mimsum Tue 27-Oct-09 22:08:26

would get into Furzedown but must be a complete wreck for the price

Furzedown again


Penwortham again

and again!

whattheheck Wed 28-Oct-09 07:56:04

mimsum you are a genius!

mimsum Wed 28-Oct-09 08:00:44

the priority area thing for Penwortham and Furzedown is very confusing and I know a couple of people who've been caught out ...

the OFSTED reports for both schools are a bit misleading too = Penwortham is allegedly outstanding, and Furzedown only 'satisfactory' - however in reality both schools are good - they do some things very well, could improve in other areas, mostly very happy, safe places for kids to be (and both with increasingly middle-class demographic)

Penwortham is much bigger, Furzedown a little cosier, but I have friends with children in both who are very pleased with the schools

good luck

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