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How do you arrange exam entries independently and a really good discussion site for home ed please?

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seekinginspiration Thu 22-Oct-09 09:11:50

DD1 has finally agreed her current to re-take her GCSE English but the school will only allow her to do so if she goes back to sit with year 11 pupils. It is now too late in the year to do this and does not fit with the A2 timetable. I have found one organisation on the web which offers distance learning GCSE English. How would she sit the exams and it there a good home education web site with discussion forum?

scaryteacher Thu 22-Oct-09 09:32:45

There is no reason why she can't be entered for it by school and sit the actual exam there when everyone else does. You just pay for the exam entry.

seekinginspiration Thu 22-Oct-09 09:37:51

Scaryteacher, as I understand it, the Head of English makes the decision and she has said only those who attend lessons can sit examinations in that school. What options are there outside of the school? I phoned the local big college and they said it is too late to join any evening classes for Summer 2010 exams. They have one intensive day time course starting in Jan - but clashes with A2 timetable...

scaryteacher Thu 22-Oct-09 17:44:02

Contact the Exams Officer and ask her the procedure. If you are paying for the exam entry then it is nothing to do with the Head of English, all you are doing is piggybacking on the invigilation and hall, which would be in use anyway. Just make sure dd is doing the same exam as the others.

When in doubt go up. If no joy, go to the Head.

seekinginspiration Thu 22-Oct-09 18:34:10

Thanks Scaryteacher. That helps.

sunnydelight Fri 23-Oct-09 04:34:33

Contact "education otherwise" - a mine of useful information for home edders. There are exam centres where you can sit exams independently of schools.

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