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Calling all primary teachers, how would you handle this......?

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bellemaman Tue 20-Oct-09 17:39:41


Not a regular poster but I could do with some advice from wise mumsnetters!
In a nutshell I'm going to be spending 3 months in hospital soon and in that time I won't be able to see my children due to risk of infection. My children are 4 and 3, 1 is in reception class and other in nursery. My question to you is how would you support a child in your class who would be going through the difficult time of being without 1 parent? Would it be a good idea to explain to classmates what's happening, or might that lead to playground taunts?
One of my children is having a difficult time anyway as they have speech delay, and as a result can get aggressive. I'm so worried about how the situation can be best handled. The head teacher and class teachers seem supportive, but as yet I haven't been given any information regarding strategies they might use to help my children.


RupertTheBear Tue 20-Oct-09 17:52:57

I would ask whether there is a learning mentor at the school - that is exactly the sort of circumstances that they are trained in supporting families through. To be honest, as a teacher, my advice would be that with that amount of disruption and change in their home lives, your children need school to be the same as always and a constant in their lives (does that make sense?) I would advise that your children aren't treated any differently from normal (apart from maybe some extra attention and tlc from the learning mentor) but are watched carefully for any signs of distress or different behaviour. I wouldn't explain to classmates what is going on - children that little are really oblivious to that sort of thing.

clam Tue 20-Oct-09 19:08:25

Sorry to hear that bellemaman. What a difficult time for you.
Agree with what Rupert said, however.
Good luck.

bellemaman Tue 20-Oct-09 19:38:28

Thankyou, your posts have made sense and I will enquire about the learning mentor. I was unsure about posting, but I'm glad I did as I think it is helpful to step back from a situation and view it from other people's eyes,

smee Tue 20-Oct-09 20:29:33

belle, I'd ask for a meeting with each class teacher. If they're any good, they'll work with you to find a way through, and also to make sure there's a good communication channel for your DH, so any problems can be soothed quickly. Bet they'll have lots of good ideas - ask other mothers for help too. I'd bet you'll get lots of support. Good luck, must be scary.

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