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Question about writing

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YummyMummy21 Wed 14-Oct-09 21:06:17

Hi there,

DD is 4.9 and has been in her full-time Reception class for 5 weeks. She has been able, for a while to write a few letters without aids, and the rest by looking an copying.

She is now beginning to write words/ sentances, and at the moment loves to make birthday cards and party invites for her teddies etc. She asks me to spell out words she doesnt know/ cant sound out, which she then writes.

Questions is: when she is writing she well mix lower case (little) and upper case (big)letters together for example hAPPy BiThdAy. Should I continue letting her do this free writing? Or should I be correcting her?

At the moment she is just making words and enjoying 'writting' so dont want to ruin it my making a fuss and correcting her each time, but also dont want her to get into a habbit that might be hard to be corrected at a later date.

Thanks in advance x

ChunkyMonkeysMum Wed 14-Oct-09 21:51:15

I wouldn't worry too much because they will correct this at school, but it may be worth mentioning it to her sometimes, or sitting with her & helping her so it's seen as helping rather than correcting & spoiling her fun IYSWIM ??

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