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interview help needed please!

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LHP Sat 11-Jun-05 16:25:23

I've got an interview next week for a reception class. I've been asked to teach a 20 minlesson but the only guidance I've been given is that they will be looking for how I engage and maintain the childrens interest, and how I build relationships with the class. It's so openended my brain has gone zombified. Help! I really need this job. I want to pull things out of a box to maintain suspense but other than that I'm stumped. Have been to the library and my local craftbank for inspiration but no help there. Please, are there any whizzy reception teachers out there that will let me pick their brains? TIA

LHP Sat 11-Jun-05 17:34:10

what, noone able to tell me their best ever lesson, please?

beckymumof3 Sat 11-Jun-05 17:36:08

Sorry, i'm not a whizzy reception teacher and would be stiff with terror at this prospect! No use to you at all I know but Good Luck!

poppy101 Sat 11-Jun-05 18:06:26

They must have given you some background on the class, and what you can focus your lesson on ? Use this as a starting point, do you know the method of teaching that the current teacher uses ?

You can CAT me if you need more indepth information and advice on your interview and I can email you some extra info if you want.

Oh, I was an experienced early years teacher, and will offer you some advice if you want it.

LHP Sat 11-Jun-05 18:44:08

Thanks for replying. poppy, I have CATted you. Thanks.

Goldfish Sat 11-Jun-05 18:47:05

Hi, I am not a reception teacher but have been a TA in reception for 5 years. Last year we had 2 teachers in the class for a 20 min lesson for part of their interview. The one who got the job got it because she had good control of the children on the carpet, she sat down at their level and engaged them in eye to eye contact. She read them a story about a farm and had a basket filled with toy animals and eggs and corn and so on. She then asked the children about the story, and really responded well to them.
The other applicant didn't have such good control on the carpet and rushed through her lesson. She was obviously very nervous and it showed.

Good luck with your interview. Let us know how it goes.

homemama Sat 11-Jun-05 19:15:25

Hi LHP, I'm not a reception teacher but I had to do a maths lesson for interview using a bag if this helps.
As they are nearly finished the year it will help cause many should recognise nos to 10! I had the numerals 1-10 pinned on a washing line and had two other sets of cards with me. One set had pictures nos such as 6 balls or 5 hats (no numbers) The other set had numbers as they appear on dice with spots. USE ONLY ONE SET AT A TIME INITIALLY! Pull card from bag (kids love the anticipation! They have to match using the pegs. Maybe choose those to help that are sitting nicely!Then use the other cards. Then mix. Ask teacher to identify more able to you before lesson and SEN. Write in your plan that to stretch MA you will try taking them above 10. ask if anyone (include all) can tell you the next numberafter 10, can they write it, can they draw the spots etc. For SEN, can you hold up 2 hands or pick up 3 books from shelf etc.
Remember to keep pace and dont linger on one aspect too long.
Dont forget mental/oral starter beforehand. do something like sing a song with numbers as that ties nicely.
Also, don't forget plenary. Make a point of saying something such as 'now to bring it all together and think about what we have learned' so whoever is watching you sees that you have planned a plenary. Do something such as 'thumbs up if these two match'
It seemed to go well and I got the job so hope it helps!
Good luck!!!

homemama Sat 11-Jun-05 19:20:24

Oh and feel free to ignore entire posting if seems rubbish. As I said, im actually KS2!
Poppy101 may be of more help to you.
Don't forget to relax and look like you're enjoying it.
Good luck again.

poppy101 Sat 11-Jun-05 19:42:38

Have emailed you back with some tips of what kind of thing you can do. Good luck.

LHP Sat 11-Jun-05 20:12:29

Thanks everyone. Keep them coming! Panic and desperation are starting to set in now. What I'm finding difficult is that it can be for ANY area of learning, but the focus is buliding relationships (how can you do that in 20 mins???) and holding their interest. Also, the school are very "active learning" based so I want something that encompasses the 3 learning styles and something thats a bit unusual, maybe using powerpoint or the interactive white board, and involving all the children at once (clipboards, small whiteboards?). Are there any websites you can direct me to? Thanks for the email, Poppy, I think I must have mistyped what I meant tho: Lit hr is a no-no! Thanks anyway.

poppy101 Sat 11-Jun-05 20:15:54

Do a maths activity then, will get back to you on something soon

homemama Sat 11-Jun-05 20:25:14

LHP, whiteboards and pens are great as is the interactive whiteboard but only if they are used to using them. Otherwise, stay well away.
Also if you did do a lesson similar to mine they could work together to produce the picture cards to match rather than you use them. It would make a great display!
You can CAT me if you want the Nat Curr numeracy and PSHCE objectives that fit!
Good luck again!

fisil Sat 11-Jun-05 20:32:08

Good luck LHP. I'm secondary, so can't really help with ideas. However, I don't want to put a dampner on things, but are you really positive about this school? It just seems that they've been really unfair on you not giving you a subject. We are always very specific when we ask candidates to do a lesson at interview - we feel it is only fair (knowing what the kids have already covered, what level they're at etc.). I don't want to put you off - but keep your eyes open, because it may be that the school is not particularly supportive! (and of course I might be talking out of my backside, and things may be completely different at KS1)

homemama Sat 11-Jun-05 20:32:26

OR, and tell me to be quiet if you want, but you could do a number recognition imput, them in groups of six, ( include yourself & teach if nec)they can produce pictures of 1-6 SEN can do pics, ave can do spots and numerals and the more able can do higher numbers. You can find a bunch of dice from the juniors showing higher nos as a stimulus for them.
If they do it on card, you can sellotape them together to make dice.
This would meet your working together strand.
Ive emailed a recep. teach friend so if she has any good ideas I'll let you know!

LHP Sat 11-Jun-05 21:50:03

Thanks everyone. I've had to do interview lessons this twice before and the school always gives an objective like place value, or story time. This school is very like where I am atm on a short term contract, in that they do lots of plan do review and do not teach to the lit and num strategies, so it should be easy but for some reason ive got a total mental block because it is so open ended and I dont know what they have already covered. The last thing I want is to unveil my carefully chosen book mand have them all groan "oh no not this again". Nornmaal story time just will not cut it I fear, and of course, reception children are hard to organise into groups if they dont know you. I'm getting into a right state cos this should be the easy bit, I've got to find/make resources once I've decided. Tears of frustration now. I should sleep on it. Thanks again all.

Sauvignon Sun 12-Jun-05 18:47:22

Lots of really good ideas here but have you tried asking on the TES website - early years section of their forum?
I often post on there if I get stuck about something. There's also a professional development section of the forum which has lots of people discussing interviews.
Good luck!

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