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Inspiring story -- the "youngest headmaster in the world"

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alwayslookingforanswers Mon 12-Oct-09 23:19:00

haha - I've just bumped a thread "in the news" about this same thing

missmem Mon 12-Oct-09 23:25:52

Brought tears to my eyes, this kid deserves a Nobel Prize for his selfless acts.

dilemma456 Tue 13-Oct-09 06:48:43

Message withdrawn

gremlindolphin Tue 13-Oct-09 12:55:31

inspiring - thanks for posting it.

TheIggorcist Wed 14-Oct-09 23:53:38

.. and MN gives me yet another lesson plan grin

BarkisIsWilling Fri 16-Oct-09 20:19:20

Beautiful story.

LouIsAWeetbixKid Fri 16-Oct-09 20:28:29

You read this and think that these are the people who should be getting christmas shoe boxes. This is true selflessness and others should be inspired. Making the DC's read this in the morning.

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