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what should ds take to nursery?

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emily05 Fri 10-Jun-05 11:53:02

I am going to take ds to his first nursery session at 1.30.

What should I take with me? He is only going for an hour and a half. Should I take a spare set of clothes?

Also In their prospectus they mention naming all of his clothing! How did you do this?

Hope this make sense!

jessicasmummy Fri 10-Jun-05 11:55:01

a rucksack with change of clothes, nappies, wipes, juice and a biscuit.

you didnt say how old ds was......

emily05 Fri 10-Jun-05 11:56:03

he is 2 and a half. I am really nervous! He ofcourse isn't!! what you have said sounds logical. ta

beansmum Fri 10-Jun-05 11:57:11

I leave ds with a change of clothes, spare jumper, suncream and sunhat.

Pamina3 Fri 10-Jun-05 11:58:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LunarSea Fri 10-Jun-05 12:45:19

Spare, Clothes suncream and sunhat should do for today. A then ask them when you're there if there's anything else (gloves, wanrm hat for winter, etc). They might also want wellies/waterproofs if they're the sort of place which lets them outside even if it's not sunny.

Initials on the labels should cover naming, or get something like Cash's name tapes

Magscat Fri 10-Jun-05 12:48:32

We take spare clothes (including socks cos they sometimes get pee'd on) and at the moment sun cream and maybe a hat. He also has PE shoes (pumps or plimsoles depending on where you're from) but doubt you'd need them if they haven't said so - my ds is nearly 4 and they've only just started doing PE.

I wouldn't worry too much cos they're bound to have spares of everything just in case.

Hulababy Fri 10-Jun-05 13:59:18

DD (3y 2m) goes to nursery for a full day, and takes: spare set of clothes and underwear, jacket/waterproof, sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses. If a wet day we take wellies too.

I would some name labels from one of the MN sponsers - easy2name. I have iron on ones for clothes, shoe ones, and stick on ones for other items. MN memebers get a discount through them too (10%?)

SoftFroggie Fri 10-Jun-05 14:16:13

Hi Emily05 - I'm really pleased you found somewhere you like with a space. How did it go?

I send my DS1 to sessional pre-school with a couple of nappies, sunhat, sunscreen. He has to wear pumps / plimsolls / doodles, and they have a uniform T-shirt and sweatshirt he wears. The less he takes in the better, cos it can't get lost. They have spare clothing, so I don't send any in, though I would pack a change of trousers and pants (or two) if / when he is toilet training. He also has to have a hand towel, wellies and remember a coat / gloves on cold days.

I only bother naming things that are likely to come off - shoes, jumper, hat, sunscreen etc cos I'm lazy. But I accept that if anything else needs to be taken of and is lost, then it's my own fault!

Laundry pens are nice and easy, but do fade, and sometimes it's hard to find a suitable place to write the name in the clothes. Easy2name have a 'starter pack' with iron-in and stick on tapes and shoe labels, for about £10, which I've found good. Access via mumsnet discounts.

Tell us all about it! Hope you were pleased and DS loved it. My DS1 took several weeks to really settle into pre-school, (esp being left on his own as a 'big boy') but does enjoy it and it's done him the world of good in his behaviour with other kids.

emily05 Fri 10-Jun-05 19:43:14

Thanks you lovely people for your responses. I took everything bar the kitchen sink in the end!
(Lunarsea thanks for the link) I have taken on board what you all suggested and made a list!

Soft froogie - thanks so much for asking how it went. well, the nursery is really nice and fairly new so the equipment/decor and building are lovely. The minute we got there Ben ran off! The woman who was showing us laughed because he didnt even look back - just went off and that was it!
Seems that I was more bothered than he was! Anyway - he really enjoyed it. I have another free session next week and then if I am happy he can start going properly. I cant fault it at all (only the price but luckily my mum is helping us out with that!)

When we left he threw a massive tantrum! Must be the only child alive who cries when leaving nursery. Like you said it is good for them to be with other kids. I am glad he will learn to share and how to play with children. ALso hoping that he will be encouraged to potty train because the other kids are as well. Hope your ds is ok with nursery now x

Hulababy Fri 10-Jun-05 19:44:19

Glad he had a great time

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