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What do I write on my application to change secondary school for DD?

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AllotmentMum Thu 08-Oct-09 23:14:08

This is really a continuation of other threads I have posted trying to understand my DD's current school. However, with the help of other fabulous MNers I have now come to accept that nothing is going to get better and I just have to get DD to another school.

Tonight we went along to the Open Evening of our nearest, but out of catchment area, grammar school. I want D to go there so much I wanted to cry! It would be perfect! Even DD, who has been against the idea to date because she doesn't want to leave her friends behind, was won over.

We tried and failed to get into this school for Year 7, but there is a second smaller intake for Year 9.

Finally getting around to the point of the post - what do I say in my application which may help us? We do not fit any of the criteria as we are not in the catchment area, DD has no special needs, is not in care, has never been bullied, and generally has no problems at all. However, she is a bright, academically able child who is coasting in a non academic, not very succesful school. So what an earth can I hang my application, and probable appeal, on? What do I say, given that I can't say that her current school is c**p and I want to get her out at all costs?

Any suggestions very gratefully received.

Pyrocanthus Thu 08-Oct-09 23:25:12

I think you need to call in the experts

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