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How to help DD???

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mummc2 Thu 08-Oct-09 15:53:58

My DD is 4 and has just started fulltime school, she is really into learning and all she does at home is practice writing, learning alphabet and phonetics and reading. When i am helping her at home i ask her if they do anything like this at school and she says she mostly just plays. I know they teach through play but most days she says she just draws and paints.

I obviously know she probably has no idea when she is being taught new techniques for things so does anyone know what they are focus on in this year FS2/reception ?

She really is bright and so just helping her when she wants to do things.

What should they be able to do at this age?? She will be 5 in two months.

LIZS Thu 08-Oct-09 17:15:10

Sounds likes she doesn't need any help and is happily doing well ! Just because she says only she draws and paints or plays doesn't mean that what they are doing during that time and at other times isn't contributing to her learning. The school are doing well if she is doing so without realising. I'm sure you can look up the specifics of the curriculum but what you describe would fit well in .

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