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poppyloveshorses Tue 16-Jul-13 21:45:37

Westonbirt is an amazing school, I go there and its the friendliest school I know and I looked around basically every secondary school in the country. The teachers are really helpful and I know everybody in the school. I was really shy and didn't talk to anyone before I came to Westonbirt but now I'm confident. Its fantastic if you like drama, sports, music or you are academic. And it feels like a family, I would really recommend it, and come to one of the open days. Its fun for boarders and day girls and there are lots of extra curricular activities you can do.

Littlefish Tue 13-Oct-09 22:28:28

I've sent you a CAT, but it may take a few hours to get to you - Mumsnet HQ are a bit slow at this time of night wink

Thatswhymumsgotothepub Tue 13-Oct-09 22:13:44

Hi Littlefish

I am sorry I have been offline the past few days. I am new to this site and still finding my feet so to speak, but think I have changed my settings to allow you to contact me now!

Hope to hear from you soon! smile

Littlefish Sun 11-Oct-09 19:54:15

Please can you change your settings so that you receive CAT messages. I've got some info for you, but I'd rather not post it on here. (Nothing awful, I promise!) smile

Thatswhymumsgotothepub Wed 07-Oct-09 23:44:58

I would love to hear from any parents or anyone with connections to Westonbirt school.

Its on our shortlist for our daughter as a full boarder.

I would just like to hear peoples opinions and experiences of the school. Any information really.

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