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Need advice re getting ds into a preschool

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emily05 Tue 07-Jun-05 11:50:03

Ds will be 3 in August. I cannot get him into any preschools locally because they are all full (the only one that can squeeze him in is £15 a session as it is a nursery and I cant afford that).

Alot of them have waiting lists for September. Is it ok do you think to put him on a few different waiting lists? The reason I ask is because I was waiting on one preschool that now cant get him in until Janurary. So I am worried he wont get a place.

It is a bit of a nightmare - I must admit that I thought it would be easy to get him in but it is proving difficult.

Now I am getting really upset that I didnt do this earlier. Ds is such a friendly little boy and he has no friends and I am really feeling quilty about this. I feel like because he hasnt got a place I am a crappy mother and what if he cant get in until next year??? Will his social skills be naff!?

ahhh! think I have PMT! help!

Aimsmum Tue 07-Jun-05 11:51:03

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Tue 07-Jun-05 11:55:16

Put him down for loads, I did that with dd2. She was due for going to one in April but the earliest they can get here in is September when she will be nearly 3.

And don't be guilty (or quilty ), I gave up guilt as a NY resolution and it works wonders with your mothering skills, believe me, feel all confident now. xx

My dd doesn't have any friends either but then I remind myself that she is not even 3 ffs, there's time for that yet.

oliveoil Tue 07-Jun-05 11:56:46

Also, she has been on the list since she was 1, so it has made NO difference whatsoever in my case doing it early.

And she is dd1 not dd2 .


SoftFroggie Tue 07-Jun-05 16:49:29

Oh emily05 - put him on all the waiting lists (unless there's a charge?), you can always say NO.

Don't you get the vouchers to cover the cost? In which case the £15 will be free? BUT don't go with that just cos you can go in Sept: better wait longer for the right place than jump in Sept for somewhere you're not happy with.

Do you go to anything with him? Mums& Tots? singing group? meet up with other mums? In which case, he's not going to come to any harm to wait a year or even till he starts school. If he never sees any other children, might be a good idea to go along to something.

Not a bad mum (goodness, I didn't book till a couple of weeks before he went, luckily round here there's lots of spaces). Doesn't matter a jot if he can't go till next year, but places often come up as people move around. Enjoy his company a little longer. His social skills will not be naff.

Best of luck.

Pinotmum Tue 07-Jun-05 16:52:10

Definitely put him down for a few. When it comes to starting many parents will have done the same so there are bound to be places to choose from.

Mud Tue 07-Jun-05 16:54:05

is that cost per session on top of the vouchers the govt gives for childcare? normally the cost is met. in our area there's no pre-school till 3.5 anyway but I wouldnt' hesistate in putting name down for many schools

Tinker Tue 07-Jun-05 16:58:41

Put down for as many as possoble, pre-schools don't have catchement areas here - may be the same where you are. Also, BIG TIP - hand it in personnally to council - they lost my first one

emily05 Tue 07-Jun-05 19:26:40

Thank you so much guys for your replies. I have followed the advice you all gave and filled in forms for 3 that are intaking in September. That way I can choose (hopefully).

I had a look at the £15 a session nursery today and was SHOCKED at how awful it was!

On a positive note I have found a nursery that will take him straight away. It is £10 a session but from Septemeber like some of you have said he will get funding and the best news my mum has agreed to share the cost!

This is the link to the nursery that will take him. It looked really nice and I can have two free sessions and I can go in with him! tell me what you think.

Thanks for putting my mind at rest. I was having a bad mum moment this morning. Soft Froggie - I was thinking I might do more 'group' things. thanks for all of you kind words everyone.

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