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Please help me find websites for sex education for 10 year old

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RTKangaMummy Tue 07-Jun-05 10:29:41

Kangaboy is 10 and in year 5

A letter came home from school yesterday saying that the nurse was going to give sex ed lesson on Wednesday.

We were going to wait until he asked questions BUT we wanted to give him the info before he learnt it in the playground or from the nurse IYSWIM.

We are very open with DS about everything and I asked him what he knew already

He didn't know how sperm and egg met so explained it and showed him in my "conception, pregnancy and birth" books

It may have had too much info in but it was all I had at home

He was facinated by the photo/pic of placenta and how the cord is attached

As he is a surviving identical twin they shared one placenta so could show him.

He has Robert Winston book "WHAT MAKES ME ME?"

Which is excellent

I explained about periods and wet dreams as well cos I wanted him to know the girls side as well.

But does anybody know of any websites that can explain anything I may have missed?

Hope you can help me.


RTKangaMummy Tue 07-Jun-05 10:30:47

found this thread but doesn't mention websites

RTKangaMummy Tue 07-Jun-05 17:26:37

Does anybody know of any websites?


happymerryberries Tue 07-Jun-05 17:31:13

This is for teens, but might be worth a look

it has all the right 'support' from regulatory bodies etc.

noddyholder Tue 07-Jun-05 17:33:34

I think you have told him loads my ds had sex ed last yr in yr 5 and it was excellent and will probably cover anything you've missed

WigWamBam Tue 07-Jun-05 17:33:59 looks like it might be worth a shot, although it might be aimed at slightly older children.

There's also a site called Teenage Health Freak , who have some good info about sex.

sorrel Tue 07-Jun-05 17:44:33

Hi there, i recently bought a book for my 10 yr old called where do babies come from. Each page has an internet link with video and diagrams about this stuff- it is aimed at kids.sorry to say without the book it is a bit tricky but you could try it:
click on UK GB flag
type in 'Where do babies come from' in the box
it will then ask which page you want to link to
There are 22 pages in the book starting with
all about babies page 4/how does a baby start page10 /newborn babies page14 etc etc.
hope this is not too awkward! I think it is quite useful.

RTKangaMummy Tue 07-Jun-05 17:47:01

Thanks guys they are DEFFO BRILL

Have had a quick look will go through them in more detail

Some of the things are a bit older than him

I mean he thought you got sperm and egg together when you get married so is a huge jump to STD etc from there

So will choose the pages etc

I want him to understand it all from girls pov as well as I think that is important

You guys are DEFFO BRILL

Thank you

sorrel Tue 07-Jun-05 18:17:59

oh- kanga mum just found a site called has a whole interactive thingy about reproduction and a quiz and everything. they have a free 14 day trial which gives access to everything. I am quite impressed by it and only just found it there now.

RTKangaMummy Wed 08-Jun-05 14:47:12



SoftFroggie Wed 08-Jun-05 21:00:37

the Book People had 24 of the usbourne pocket science books for £9 (under kids non-fiction), including the one Sorrel recommends. Unfortunately, they are out of stock, so not much use. They say good for ages 7+. Sometime you se the same stock in red House or School Link book catalogues.

SoftFroggie Wed 08-Jun-05 21:02:17

well, that link didn't work.
why not? didn't put in the http://

the Book People

RTKangaMummy Wed 08-Jun-05 21:13:35

The lesson went well and he found it very interesting

He identified the OVARY on the picture and when his friends asked how he knew what it was called he said "it was in the book and websites my mum showed me"

He liked the sites too

Thank you

He bought a booklet home and was asking me about tampons/tampax so I gave him one to push out of the applicator. I know I am strange but I wanted him to know what they were like

Then we went into the bathroom and put it in a glass of water, his face was a picture when it expanded

BTW {this glass is the one used for washing hair not drinking from}

He asked me about DIGITAL HAIR and what was it?

After a moment I realised it was the hair on men's digits {toes and fingers}

So AFAIK he understands and I have tried to be as open as possible

Think I should get him some books as well

Thank you guys


SoftFroggie Wed 08-Jun-05 21:35:07

I'm 33 and I wouldn't know what DIGITAL HAIR referred to. Clearly something missing from my sex ed.

Don't often think of fingers and toes as 'digits'.

Pruni Wed 08-Jun-05 21:40:37

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Wed 08-Jun-05 21:42:47


We had already discussed hair everywhere else like armpits, pubic, chest, legs and arms

Cos otherwise I would have thought he mean pubic

It was in a film they watched about the changes that happened to their bodies. And it listed the places that would get hairy

DH has just come home and I said about DIGITAL HAIR to him and he was surprised too

So this is obviously sex ed @ 2005

RTKangaMummy Wed 08-Jun-05 21:48:15

Pruni sounds good idea

Tried to goggle title but doesn't know it

He has 3 older cousins of 17, 15 and 11 so I sort of said stuff like you will be shaving like E, and your voice will change like theirs etc

So that has been quite useful

Freckle Wed 08-Jun-05 21:53:21

I bought my son (then 10) a book called Let's Talk ABout Sex. It's a Walker book (got it in Waterstones). It covers all sorts of things, such as homosexuality, masturbation, as well as the birds and bees stuff. When he asks a question, I point him to the relevant section, tell him to read it and ask me any questions afterwards. That way he has some information which makes understanding my answers easier for him.

RTKangaMummy Wed 08-Jun-05 22:01:08

here is the result

and the search

Thanks Guys


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