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In a dilemma over which school to choose

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allaboutme Thu 24-Sep-09 13:36:11

Ds due to start school next September. I will need to send in the forms with my choices in the next couple of months I am told.

There are 2 schools near to us.

School A is closest, it is the best in the area (excepting private and church schools) in league tables
It has a 'Good' Ofsted report and comments on report all look positive

School B is a little bit further away (still walkable)
Ds currently goes to nursery at school B (as other school does not have a nursery and this nursery feeds into both schools)
It is lower in league tables
Oftsed report is 'Satisfactory'. Notes that there are a very high proportion of english as 2nd language pupils and free school dinner pupils.

On paper I would select school A.

However, DS has developmental delays in social and communication areas. He possibly has Aspergers. He is also delayed in his fine motor skills and finds it hard to draw etc. At nearly 4 he is only able to scribble or draw a rough circle.
He may catch up completely in the next year, but on the other hand there may also be some special needs he has when it comes to learning that we dont know about yet.

School B has a high proportion of children with SN and learning difficulties. From the ofsted and from speaking to parents of autistic children there, they deal with these fantastically.

School A seems not so great on SNs, although they do have a fair proportion of children with SNs at the school. Having spoken to a couple of parents with autistic children there they are not that impressed and say they would have chosen school B if they had of known at the beginning how it would be.

Now I am v confused and not sure which one to choose!!

thirtysomething Thu 24-Sep-09 13:51:43

Probably school B but:

a) You need to visit both, explain his needs and see what the reaction is and get a general feel for each school BEFORE you apply (as much harder to change your mind afterwards)
b) He may simply be a bit late to develop and may have no SN at all? However he sounds like he will need to be noticed in reception and work given at his own level so I would start by comparing the general reception provision at both...

My DC both went to what was supposedly an "outstanding" school in Ofsted terms at infant level - what a load of twaddle!! It's a school that focuses purely on the top and bottom ends of the academic scale and ignores all those in the middle.....DD did a full 3 years there before they actually noticed the problems with reading and writing that we mentioned several times a year to each teacher. They just said "she'sprogressing well" right up until SATs when all of a sudden they noticed that she was not making any progress at all.....So I would say ignore to some extent the statistics and chat to teachers, parents and follow your instincts!!

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