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How to stop ds losing his things?

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southernsoftie Wed 23-Sep-09 14:08:11

DS has been at new school for about 2 weeks. They move around class rooms and have games every day. So far he has lost 2 ink pens, a rubber, his homework diary (with all his completed homework in it), two and half pairs of socks (took them off for games then couldn't find them to put back on), his swimming trunks (they have turned up again) and yesterday came home without his blazer. Everything (except the socks, that never occured to me) is named.

He is not used to moving around so I understand that this is all new to him, but how can I help him to be a bit more responsible and to check he has everything before he moves from one lesson to the next? Do I just start to charge him for any replacements or do I just have to accept that this is how it will be from now on?

randomtask Wed 23-Sep-09 14:15:49

With DSS when he kept losing things (and doesn't move classroom...) we told him off and then started taking a piece of pasta away (our version of an 'older' behaviour chart). TBH, I think the only thing that worked was me telling him it'd come out of his piggy bank money next time (5 white tops ruined in one week, that type of thing) plus he was just fed up with my ranting!! He doesn't forget things these days though.

Have you thought about telling him he needs to put everything back in his bag before he moves anywhere and must never put it 'down'? I don't know if it'd work but that's probably what I'd try first. Or, give him a list in his room of what he takes so he remembers it at school?

Incidentally, MIL picks him up and a couple of weeks ago he forgot his lunchbox, PE kit and two jumpers. Am not sure if that means she didn't remind him and normally does, or if he was having a ditzy week...

stealthsquiggle Wed 23-Sep-09 14:25:12

What do they take with them when they move around classrooms? Everything? If they have a "home base" then he needs to make sure he takes note of exactly how many things (and what) he has with him when he leaves it, to make sure he brings everything back again.

Most of that lot has nothing to do with moving rooms, though (socks/swimming trunks/blazer) - we made DS a list which lived in his bag so that he could check that he had all the right stuff with him on any given day when he left home, and that he had the same things with him when he came home.

neversaydie Wed 23-Sep-09 22:25:32

I am seriously considering staples and gaffer tape for my similarly afflicted son. Suspect the suggestions above are rather more likely to be useful, though!

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