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Too many school moves??

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PortiaPie Mon 21-Sep-09 13:10:00

We've recently returned to our home town after a year long move to Australia, and are now faced with the possibility of having to move again within the UK.

DS is 8 and has just started a new school again (3rd school since reception). DH is currently working away (can't commute) on a temporary contract, and if he's not able to get work locally then we may have to move if the job becomes permanent. I'm very worried about what effect this will have on my son emotionally and educationally. He does well academically but is quite shy and lacks in confidence at times. He's only just started his new school and has formed no attachments to it or any of the children, so leaving now would be easier than in say 6 months, but because DH's job is temporary at the moment a move is out of the question. I've even considered taking DS out of school and home educating him until our future is more certain.

I'd be grateful for any advice, or would welcome anyone who's been in a similar situation.

pinkthechaffinch Tue 22-Sep-09 07:38:23


I'm in a similar position with a quiet 8 year old. We moved 6 months ago and he has settled in quite well to his new school but sadly looks like we will have to move away in the summer.

Only thing is, I think they cope with it better at this age than older IYSWIM. I would be more worried if he was in secondary school.

Going to Beavers has really helped his confidence, if that's any help smile

ABetaDad Tue 22-Sep-09 07:48:12

Have friends who moved their son (age 9) from Ireland 2 years ago to UK. He went to our DSs school last year but just had to move again because his Dad moved jobs. Hence the boy is at his third school in 3 years. His Mum was very worried as the boy is quite withdrawn, shy and clingy.

Had a chat with his Mum a few days ago and she says he is loving his new school. It can work.

PortiaPie Tue 22-Sep-09 10:56:13

Thanks both of you for you helpful comments. smile

It's a real worry especially as he's only 3 years away from starting high school, which is another change. Finding a school which goes from 4-19 would solve this problem, but it seems only private schools offer this. That might have to be another option.

I moved every 3 years because my dad was in the forces. It pretty much wrecked my education but, strangely, it made me more sociable and more resourceful, but then my son is very different to me.

Hope all works well for you pinkthechaffinch, having quiet children is a challenge sometimes, part of us wants to wrap them up in cotton wool, but we know that won't help!

Glad you friend's son is happy ABetaDAD - it gives me hope.

ABetaDad Tue 22-Sep-09 12:45:57

PortiaPie - one thing that I just remembered that may be relevant to you is that the boy I was talking about was unhappy mainly because his Dad was living away from home during the week as like your DH it was too far to commute but it was only a temporary contract. It has only just become permanent and hence they coudl move properly.

Every Sunday night for a year his Dad said goodbye and left the boy and his mother for the week. It was not a nice way for him to begin his school week.

I know you are in a similar situation with Dad working away but the by I am talking about has become much happier even though he had to move school because he sees his Dad every day.

PortiaPie Tue 22-Sep-09 18:03:16

Yes, that makes sense. I've been wondering which one is more important in our case, stability at school or stability at home. He was happier at school in Australia when he was seeing Dad everyday, so I'm hoping that will happen again if we move. It's a risk, but I probably need to take that risk. Thanks ABetaDad

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