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School Reception Appeals

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Hooky Tue 15-Sep-09 15:27:34

Hi there!

Can anyone please give me some advice on a school appeals process.

My daughter attended a welsh nursery and I filled the admissions form in wrong (all in welsh which we don't speak) and now the reception class is full and we have to appeal.

We have been treated so badly by a council employee who is trying to stop us at every corner. I was told that there is no waiting list for the school, she told a local MP that they we unable to help us due to a new legislation (which was incorrect) and now I have found out that the school my daughter was actually registered to contacted this woman in April to query this new admission.

Can anyone offer any advice as my daughter is in a terrible way, she crys everyday going to this new school, she misses her friends terribly and I feel this could all have been avoided if I had only checked the form.

Any advice?

DomesticBlobess Tue 15-Sep-09 16:26:35

Hi -I'm going through appeals process too - I started a thread on this earlier.

I'm in England and don't know whether it is the same in Wales - but got the appeal forms and they are reasonably straightforward and give plenty of space to make your case why you want a place at the other school.

Quite long timescales though- upto 30 school days before it may be heard.

I'd focus on the positives of the school you want, and the negatives of existing school and don't focus on your mistake.

Insist on dealing with a different person in the education department even lodge a formal complaint if that will help communicate to the appeals panel the impact she has had on the outcome.

It is a stressful time - but well worth all the paperwork and effort if you can get your daughter where she wants to be.

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