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New Term and New Teacher, how long to leave it before going in for a chat?

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carocaro Thu 10-Sep-09 19:22:36

So they have been at school for just over a week and I really want to talk to DS1's teacher about his reading/dyslexia and keeping up his programme developed during the last school year as so far DS has done no reading with a TA.

I know you have to give them time to get to know the children etc etc, shallI go in now or wait a bit longer?

mumsydoodle Thu 10-Sep-09 19:29:00

I am a primary teacher and i would recommend that you send a brief note in with ds and ask for a meeting with the teacher for next week, but do explain what it is about... this will give your new teacher time to talk to last year's teacher etc etc and be well prepared for the meeting. It is certainly not too early, and you do want to keep up the momentum of reading or specific programmes for children. Go for it - get your notepad out now!!

madwomanintheattic Thu 10-Sep-09 19:30:27

with any sn, i would always pop in and introduce myself and explain that x has been doing really well, and if the new teacher has any questions about x's difficulties then they should always feel they can approach you, etc etc. it's easier to engineer a 'this is how y did it and it was working really well' under the guise of you offering any info they might need. wink

it oft acts as a little reminder for them to read the blardy handover notes, too. grin

piscesmoon Thu 10-Sep-09 19:45:47

It isn't too soon-I would just pop in, in a friendly way at the end of school-if she is busy just ask her when would be a good time.

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