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Science Homework jargon - aargh - can we have a special Homework topic please...

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LIZS Thu 10-Sep-09 18:34:49

I think I may need it to stay sane ! ds just started year 7 ( but not yet at Secondary) and his science book has a whole different language to any that I am familiar with - "input variable" and "outcome variable" . Think I worked it out and explained , but this is only the first science homework of the year.

vinblanc Thu 10-Sep-09 18:37:56

Input variable is also known as the independent variable. It's the thing you deliberately change in an experiment, and is plotted on the x-axis on a graph.

The outcome variable is the dependent variable - the thing that changes, the thing you measure - and it is the value on the y-axis.

/preens self with pride at mastering new language never used in the early '80s.

LIZS Thu 10-Sep-09 18:46:02

oh good, thank you. We had sort of worked it out from the context but it's a relief to know it was right. I'm dreading next week's now though !

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