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Who has the nice cheap early Oct half-term then?

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Ponders Thu 10-Sep-09 17:46:15


Have just discovered that Leicestershire have Mon 19-Fri 23 (& Rutland have two weeks, they don't go back until Nov 2nd)

So do any other counties have that week? It means you can have an incredibly cheap holiday grin plus everywhere will be nice & quiet.

Not fair!

FritesMenthe Thu 10-Sep-09 17:48:21


Hulababy Thu 10-Sep-09 17:51:12

Both my school and DD's school have the last week of half term - so not the cheap one!

LIZS Thu 10-Sep-09 18:28:23

We have a few days of the earlier week , but I'm working

NervousNutty Thu 10-Sep-09 18:34:29

26th - 30th here (brum)

StretchFucksTheMailDaily Thu 10-Sep-09 18:38:36

Meeeeee! grin Unfortunately, I will have a tiny baby then, so will not be able to go away this year.

We also start our Summer holidays a week earlier than most as well!! grin

Portofino Thu 10-Sep-09 18:40:03

Ours here starts 2 November!

StretchFucksTheMailDaily Thu 10-Sep-09 18:40:05

sad didn't mean it was unfortunate that I will have a tiny baby, just that I couldn't make the most of going away. blush

Ponders Thu 10-Sep-09 18:41:15

grin (knew what you meant, stretch. good luck! so are you in Leics or somewhere else?)

Portofino, where are you?

StretchFucksTheMailDaily Fri 11-Sep-09 22:22:24

grin Yes, Leicester!

blithedance Fri 11-Sep-09 22:31:15

Sorry but WHY is Leicestershire out of step with the rest of the country? I mean I'm not complaining about the cheap holidays but what is different about us? Is it some hundreds of years old tradition like Leicestesr Fortnight?

blithedance Fri 11-Sep-09 22:38:01


Yes it is.

We went on holiday 10th July this summer - nearly every other family we met in Cornwall was also from Leicestershire!

Ponders Fri 11-Sep-09 22:44:16

Well you used to have wonderful early summer holidays too - end of June to mid August or something? (My cousin lives there, I always envied her grin)

Don't know why though, sorry!

Actually it may be "Leicester fortnight" - in Lancashire Burnley used to do similar, & then have another break in Sept, & that was to do with factories closing for maintenance etc. Now the factories/mills have gone they have lined up with the rest of the county.

In some agricultural areas they get 2 weeks at May half-term so that - historically - the kids could help with picking (or something. What happens on farms at the end of May?)

blithedance Fri 11-Sep-09 22:47:18

Umm.. Shearing?

Ponders Fri 11-Sep-09 22:48:49

Would you let a 9-yr-old loose on a sheep with shears? grin

blithedance Fri 11-Sep-09 22:55:35

Well it's all the sheep dipping and wool-washing and attendant stuff that goes on isn't it? Haven't you read "Far from the Madding Crowd" recently?

KathH Wed 23-Sep-09 19:58:00

We're also in Leicester so manage to enjoy cheaper holidays! Actually its a bit of pain because we wanted to go away with some friends from Liverpool in the October half term and their's is the week after. On the plus side, we got our holiday for 250 pounds cheaper.

Heidispider Wed 23-Sep-09 21:20:50

Yes, Leicestershire too! As a teacher I get an early half term but my children, at school in Warks, have to wait until the following week!!

No holiday for us...sad

pagwatch Wed 23-Sep-09 21:22:32

one child has one week, one has the other week and one has both weeks
Bloody marvellous

snorkie Wed 23-Sep-09 23:19:40

We have a fortnight smile - but ds has DofE expedition the first week, so no cheap hols for us.

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