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Communication with school

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southernsoftie Thu 10-Sep-09 10:26:57

Just wondering what communication is like between parents and your DCs' school and for any tips to improve it.

By way of background, DS has just started a new school (gone into Y5 so not in the normal new starter age group) and we have had a disaster every day because of lack of information. For example, on day 1 he had to wait for me for over 20 minutes at pick up time because I had been told to go to the wrong place, and on day 2 we asked for him to come home on the bus only for DH to get a phone call (after the bus should have arrived at our end and whilst I was waiting for him) to say that it was not running that day. Issues too over what equipment, uniform etc is needed each day.

DS has handled the late pick ups really well but admitted he was close to tears yesterday when he realised there was no bus and couldn't find the office to go and ask what to do. I feel awful because it must be hard enough starting somewhere you don't know anyone without those sorts of problems.

DS was waiting outside for me when I finally got there, so I didn't go and complain as I just wanted to get him home.

Hopefully these are teething problems, but how do I tackle them without seeming like a nightmare new parent?

LadyMuck Thu 10-Sep-09 10:33:50

There will probably still be one parent by Year 5 who is always in the playground. She is the source of all knowledge. She will probably be the one with the slightly odd looking hair who has several mums rush up, confer with he briefly and dash off before getting snared in conversation. You need to be brave and talk to her. She will brief you on everything.

If that fails, then I would just ask the formteacher for a copy of the class timetable, and ask whether there is a school diary or equivalent.

The dcs are at different schools. They have been back for 1 week each. Ds1 has brought home 11 letters plus timetable and calendar. Ds2 brought home his first 2 letters yesterday. For ds2 I resorted to phoning another parent in case he had been eating them (he hadn't, there just were no letters and I had to follow the other long standing parents).

MmeProf Thu 10-Sep-09 19:03:31

Communication is two-way. Don't expect it always to come from the school. They don't see things from your perspective. If you have a problem, speak up. No one will judge you.

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