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Moving to Fontainebleau/schooling

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dolphin9 Mon 07-Sep-09 13:00:39


new to mumsnet! I am planning to move to fontainebleau next year. I have two daughters and would like to know if anyone had feedback on the anglophone section or the centre actif bilingue? cheers!!!
Any feedback on Fontainebleau would be great too!!

frogswife Wed 16-Sep-09 10:52:53

hello i'm a mum of two children here in fontainebleau my children attend the anglophone section.
My son has been in the anglosection for over a 18 months and has thrived in it,when we first moved here he struggled within the french part of the school but we found the anglosection helped him survive the first school year there. My daughter started there in this term and she seems to be loving it, they both enjoy the english lessons, the teachers are very approachable and are always avaliable to meet if you have any concerns.

frogswife Wed 16-Sep-09 11:05:40

fontainebleau is a lovely place to live, i have lived here for over 18 months, the town itself is very beautiful and we have the palace you can visit when ever you want, there are alot of different things going on through the year such as social events as the music festival.
There is an english bookshop here which has been a god send for me they also rent out dvd's in english as well.
There is also a english speaking assocation called crossroads which i has been extremely helpful to me and i have made some great friends quickly here.

Back to the anglophone section i forgot to mention that their is a social committee and they orgnaise events for the english section parents and children to attend so we can all get to together once in a while.
We also have contact parents for each separate year of the school, generally there are two parents we can contact who can help us out with an enquires we may have concerning issues at school and even things that have nothing to do with school.
I meet for coffee every friday morning with other parents of the children in the anglophone which gives my social life a bit of a boost.

BonsoirAnna Wed 16-Sep-09 11:09:08

I have a friend whose DH is a prof at Insead and who works there herself. She has two SDCs and two DSs, all four in the Anglophone section, and she is very happy with it for all four, even though they are quite different personalities. She and her DH definitely have plenty of ambition for their children

dolphin9 Sat 19-Sep-09 09:27:01


Many Thanks for all your feedbacks! Yes I agree Fontainebleau seems so lovely. I am actually French but have been leaving in England for the past 20 years. As I am relocating for my job I am looking for a truly international place to live and I guess that I found it!

We will be moving in July so my daughters will start in September. To have a social committee is a great idea and will make it easier to adapt to a new life.

Back to the Anglophone section, I have heard that children have to do a small exam? is speaking fluently english the only entry requirement to this section?

Thanks again..

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