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How to choose a Prep School?

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LazyMum123 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:36:45

I am in the process of choosing Prep School for my DS who will be sitting 8+ entrance in January 2010.

DS is quite bright and is finding current school work easy. The question is: should I choose a school that is very academic (assuming he can get in) so that he will be challenged in his next school (but he may be middle of the class) or should I choose a slightly less academic school when he can potentially be one of the top in the class and hence build his confidence?

Would be very interested in your views.

ZippysMum Thu 03-Sep-09 22:40:12

Choose a school that 'feels right' for DS.

IME, children will thrive in both the situations you outlined if the ethos of the school suits them.

hf128219 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:47:13

Choose a school where the children look happy.

Drayford Fri 04-Sep-09 03:05:27

Do think about where the prep school feeds to as well. What kind of 11+ or 13+ education are you looking for and what school would you ultimately like your DS to attend.......

LazyMum123 Sun 06-Sep-09 22:07:04

Thank you for all your comments so far. I guess I need to explain a bit more.

DS is currently in a non-selective pre-prep. I have actually narrowed down to 2 final choices of school within decent travel distance from home. Both schools are actually very good and feed into good senior schools.

The issue is: School A is extremely academic and School B is "medium" academic relative to school A. A friend who was an ex-headmistress, who knows both schools well, thinks that DS should go to School A because DS will be challenged there. She thinks DS will not be challenged at all in School B. However, DH thinks DS will enjoy being in School B as being close to top in class will boost his confidence.

I guess my concern is: DS might find himself no longer towards top of the class in School A and loses confidence but I am also worried that he might get bored at School B if he is not challenged.

DesperateHousewifeToo Sun 06-Sep-09 22:16:33

I would ask for his current school to give you guidance of where they see him fitting in best. After all, it is their job and they should know the schools and your ds.

Which school gives you the best 'feeling'?

Went through 7+ last year with ds. I think he ended up at the school that was right for him and it was the one that felt the most welcoming and actually quite similar too the one he left in July.

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