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Are there any Montessori Teachers out there?

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Windermere Wed 01-Jun-05 13:28:39

Hi, a few years ago I looked into becoming a Montessori teacher but decided against it. At the time I remember that they used to run seminars for parents in how to 'montessori' your home and activities to do with your child, unfortunately they no longer run these. I plan to send DS to a Montessori nursery when he is 2 but at the moment he is only 9.5 months and I was interested to find out if there is anything I could be doing with him at home now or if there is a book that has been written specifically for babies. Any ideas would be great. Thanks v much.

chicaguapa Fri 10-Jun-05 23:34:43

Hi, I have the Montessori teaching diploma which I've never used in a classroom. DH bought me a book with a number of some activities from the classroom. I'll dig it out for you and let you know.

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