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Can I Check Catchment Areas Online?

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expatinscotland Tue 24-May-05 21:30:31

I'm in Scotland, and one of the top primary schools is down the road from us. But only lists one primary school for our postcode - and it's a mile and a half up the road.

Is there a way I can find out if we're in the catchment for the other school?

Hulababy Tue 24-May-05 21:32:29

Our local government/council site has a oage where you can type in your address and it comes up with all the catchment schools for you. Might be worth a try?

foolysh Tue 24-May-05 21:33:55

Phone the school, if they don't know the LEA (or Scottish equivalent) can advise.

tabitha Tue 24-May-05 21:44:48

I think you're in Edinburgh, expat. If I'm right you should either phone 0131 469 3219/3132/3351 or email to find out the school for your address.

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