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Rudolf Steiner Schools

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Franniban Tue 24-May-05 20:28:30

Hi, Does anyone send their child to a Steiner School? Just wondered what they thought,what sort of costs were involved, general experience? Thanks

morningpaper Tue 24-May-05 20:30:51

Have you seen this article? Quite interesting.

expatinscotland Tue 24-May-05 20:34:16

I really, really like this approach.

lockets Tue 24-May-05 20:36:29

Message withdrawn

Thomcat Tue 24-May-05 20:38:07

Hmmmm, yes into some of the things/way they teach, not into the not teaching them to read bit though, i think that's a shame tbh. A little bit too holistic for me, but still sound really nice and in general I think it sounds like a great place to start being educated about the world. i like their if a child plays with a doll it must be as far removed from a real baby as poss , ie made of wood or something, so the child has to use their imagination more.

beep Tue 24-May-05 20:49:31

I went to a steiner school for 8(happy) years it was this one my mother was the first pupil there and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters went there as well.

Franniban Wed 25-May-05 11:58:19

Thanks for the comments, will check out the sites that you have given me

marialuisa Wed 25-May-05 13:47:40

A very good friend's parents were involved in setting up the hereford school mentioned (in fact the Grandfather was one of the people who brought Steiner schools to the UK).

The schools vary enormously in their approach, the one in Hereford is wonderful and aware that kids need to go out into the "real world" but the one near us is pretty dire, DD's school takes in quite a lot of their ex-pupils.

Chandra Wed 25-May-05 13:53:26

I thought of one for DS but after speaking to two mothers with kids in the local one I thought we might feel slightly out of place... one refussed to use a buggy because she considered it was against nature (no other animal in the animal kingdojm carries its babies in an artifact) and the other one, well she grown her own vegetables which is fantastic but picks up her children in a horse drawn carriage. I'm sure this may be the extreeme followers in the school but still is .... scared me a bit...

Though in principle, the system looks great, would have liked reading to be included since earlier but ... i guess you can't have all in life..

Franniban Wed 25-May-05 21:54:03

Yes Chandra, I can see where you are coming from, a little weird! Made me laugh about the horse drawn carrage though! I can really see from people's comments ont his and the thread about Montessori that it's all about the schools and doing some real investigation. Thanks, morningpaper that article in the Guardian was really interesting.

Davros Wed 25-May-05 22:17:23

The RS nursery round the corner from me has horrid premises and I found all the "nature" stuff a bit OTT.

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