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How to find a school for year 9 for September 09

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jpbkg Sat 01-Aug-09 15:01:38

My son is going to have to leave his private school in September of this year (please don't be insulting or patronising about this (I read the Rachel Johnson thread) - I really do need advice) and I have no idea how to find another school at such short notice. Has anyone been through this and could give me some pointers ? Thanks

Hassled Sat 01-Aug-09 15:05:37

You need school finder

Also - go to your County Council/Local Authority's website. Then find Children's Services, then find schools. There should be "Applications" type link there. Applications to schools are done through the LA rather than the school themselves, although the school will know if there are spaces (not much help in August, but you could try on GCSE/A Level results day, when there will be people in the school office).

MaureenMLove Sat 01-Aug-09 15:07:17

I think I'd find out where your local education office is and get on the phone to them. It should be easy enough to find, through the council website. Good luck. smile

jpbkg Sat 01-Aug-09 15:18:58

Many thanks for that - I tried Southwark Council yesterday but with no joy in getting hold of anyone. Also, I think I might have to try several authorities nearby (Lambeth, Bromley, Westminster) etc. which seems to be a logistical nightmare. Oh well, Monday is another day.

dilemma456 Sat 01-Aug-09 18:50:03

Message withdrawn

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