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Visions for your local Parks

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KatyMug Mon 20-Jul-09 14:55:55

To All mumsnet users in the Bristol Area.

I have had permission from mumsnet to ask for your help. I work for Bristol City Councils Park department. We are currently undertaking a strategic assessment of open spaces across Bristol which will help us propose what different types of space and open space facilities Bristol City Council should be providing and where investment should go.

As part of this we would like to ask parents and carers about their views on open spaces and parks.

We have a few questions, that either independently or in groups will help us get a feel for what is needed.
1)Do you currently use any public open spaces or Parks across Bristol?
2) If so, which spaces do you go to and what activities do you do there with your family? Play? Sports?
3) Do you arrange to visit places in groups or meet up with friends in these places?
4)Are there any local spaces you would like to use for activities if it was made easier/possible for you to do so?
5) If so, which spaces and how would we need to change it or invest in it?
6)Are there any spaces that you think we should be enhancing for wildlife in the City?
7) Do you have any information about open spaces that your children use as a route to school?

I know that there is a lot to answer here, but by helping us now, I hope that we can improve childrens and parents enjoyment and use of Parks and open spaces in the future, and your views really do count.

If you would prefer to email me directly with your thoughts, please do so at

Many thanks.

GeeWhizz Mon 20-Jul-09 22:10:15

1) Yes
2) Victory Park, Hengrove Park, Castle Park. Play and picnic.
3) Meet with friends or outing with Toddler Group
4) No
7) None on our way to Broomhill Infants

JiminyCricket Mon 20-Jul-09 22:31:59

I do use some of the parks in Bristol. I would be really interested to see more open air fitness stuff in parks - running tracks, run routes with exercise stations (e.g. chin up bars, step up bench).

saggyhairyarse Mon 20-Jul-09 22:37:03

1) Yes
2) Greville Smyth, Hengrove, Clifton Suspension Bridge Park
3) Yes
4) Yes, St George Park.
5) Lovely park but play area needs improving. When you compare it to Vassells Park or smaller local parks like St Annes, it has hardly any equipment and there is a good space to use.
6) St George Park.
7) Mine go to school in North Somerset.

KatyMug Wed 22-Jul-09 11:48:02

I know many young parents who are planning to run the Bristol half marathon, so I can see fitness equipment is important! We are certainly looking at measured tracks and exercise points where we can fit them in.

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