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KS1 sat reults - do you get them?

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aristocat Sat 11-Jul-09 18:52:01

have had DS [yr2] school report this week and his teacher assessments for maths,science,literacy. there are no sat results given however i know that they did take them.
is this the norm that the school dont inform parents of the sats results hmm or should i get them?

i am very happy with our school and my sons progress but feel that they are should tell us how they did as it could differ from teachers assessments !

aristocat Sat 11-Jul-09 18:52:40

also - can i insist on getting sat results?

primarymum Sat 11-Jul-09 18:56:18

These are the SATS results! The test results are just one factor taken into account when reaching a teacher assessment, we also take account of work during the year, ongoing assessments and other "one-off" assesments. We are obliged to report our teacher assessment!

aristocat Sat 11-Jul-09 19:02:38

so i dont need to know the test results?

LynetteScavo Sat 11-Jul-09 19:07:19

You mean you want a number?

I would insist on knowing.

Feenie Sat 11-Jul-09 19:16:52

They form a very small part of the teacher assessment, which the Y2 teacher will have been collating very carefully since September. Only the teacher assessment has to be reported legally.

Y2 assessment is all about looking at the whole child's attainment and how they work throughout the year, not judging them on what they did in a 30 minute window.

primarymum Sat 11-Jul-09 19:29:03

Why would you want a number from a test, when you could have a teacher's professional judgement after 9 months of working with your child I have several in my class whose test results were much lower than my teacher assessment, not surprising when you consider the circumstances. I could say "well your child can only be a 2C because that is what they scored in the test even though I know they work at a good 2B normally"
However, if you really want to know exactly what they scored in one test during the year, I'm sure your childs teacher would tell you.

barnsleybelle Sat 11-Jul-09 19:41:01

We got an actual score but the teacher said it was based on the whole years work rather than just the test.

aristocat Sat 11-Jul-09 19:42:14

why cant i just have both without asking?

is this normal to not tell the number only their assessment?

primarymum Sat 11-Jul-09 19:45:37

Yes, very! It used to be the case that we (i.e schools) reported test results, then we reported both but now we just report teacher assessments. However the assessment IS a number, just as the test result is,and they have the same meaning as in the tests so if the teacher assessment says a 2B then that is what they are!

Feenie Sat 11-Jul-09 19:47:52

Yes! Only the teacher assessment is has to be legally reported.

Has been like that for about 5 years. Twas horrible in the bad old days, when similar situations to primarymum's anecdote occurred all the time - we HAD to put down a 2c if that's what happened when the child performed badly in a 30 minute window, even when they worked quite solidly at 2b for the rest of the time.

It was see kids/parents disappointed, or teach to the test so they were trained up to perform as well as they could. Twas hideous <shudders>

aristocat Sat 11-Jul-09 19:54:22

i do trust the teachers assessment and hes doing well, all 2Bs and a 3 in one subject.
perhaps us parents need educating again smile

thanks again - youve been very helpful

ipiratethief Sat 11-Jul-09 19:55:21

but what do the numbers mean?

I have a bit of paper with

speaking and listening 3
reading 3
writing 3

and this is thone that means nothing to me at all

maths 2A

how many A's would it take to become a 3 iywsim?

primarymum Sat 11-Jul-09 20:01:16

The expectation is that children should be within level 3 at the end of year 2. Within level 2 there are three bands, c is the lower, b in the middle and a is the higher, so the "average"child ( and oh, how I hate that word!) should be 2b. Anything higher than this is above average, ( so 2A is higher than average. A child can also reach L3, but the general practice is that you do not then differentiate between levels within 3 in year 2 so a 3 is just a 3! ( In yr 3 you will find that L3 is split into 3c, 3b and 3a. If your child has 3 for S&L, reading and writing, they are well above average for these areas and above average for maths

primarymum Sat 11-Jul-09 20:03:29

Oh dear, sorry "the expectation is that children should be within _LEVEL 2_ at the end of yr 2 ( sorry, typo!)

ipiratethief Sat 11-Jul-09 20:03:52

thankyou primarymum !

aristocat Sat 11-Jul-09 20:04:12

AFAIK 3 is above ability for their age group
the next best is 2A, then 2b, then 2C

i understood that 2B is average? perhaps i am wrong

ipiratethief Sat 11-Jul-09 20:05:59

and a 2 in science? that one is really not playing the game is it!!

primarymum Sat 11-Jul-09 20:09:51

It is actually very hard to get a L3 in science ( and it is not differentiated into a,b,and c) I have just 1 boy in my class who has achieved that. Most of the assesment in this area comes from independant investigative and enquiry skills that the usual yr 2 just does not yet have ( (The only one in my class with a 3 in science is a level 4 in reading, 3B in maths and 3b in writing-so an all out genius!)

Feenie Sat 11-Jul-09 20:17:03

We only have to give a detailed grading (2c/2b/2a) if the child is working at Level 2, and even then only for reading, writing and mathematics.

So for those subjects we report 1, 2c, 2b, 2a, or 3 (in ascending order).

Then for Speaking and Listening and Science, we only have to give a broad level judgement (1, 2 or 3)

2b is average, or 2 in case of the latter subjects I mentioned.

Hth smile

aristocat Sat 11-Jul-09 20:20:12

thanks again smile

ipiratethief Sat 11-Jul-09 20:34:27

ah i see the light, if science is not actually sectioned into the a, b, or c, then it makes sense.

Reallytired Sat 11-Jul-09 20:51:37

I can't understand why what work my son did last september is relevent. I want to know where he is now. Ofcourse SAT results are only results on one day, but it is a snap shot of where the child is at on a particular day. Like taking a photo it can either be exceptionally good or unfairly bad.

However as a parent I want to know if my child is the sort of child who does well in exams.

My son's school won't even give teacher assessment data. I don't understand what they are hiding.

primarymum Sat 11-Jul-09 20:59:46

Me neither! Legally they have to report levels in Yrs 2 and 6, we report them every year.

Takver Sat 11-Jul-09 20:59:51

Just one other question for the teachers amongst you - who, exactly, came up with the revolting area of achievement of Oracy? And wtf does it mean? Is it the same as speaking?

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