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milosmum Wed 18-May-05 20:10:57

Hi my little boy is in his last few months of nursery and has just started learning the phonics. We had a meeting with the teacher as we had taught him A,B,C,D etc, etc and he was correcting her in class (bless- she took in quiet well though!). So now ive got him a few things from the ELC (jolly phonics) but i need a few ideas on 1st reading books. it was topsy and tim when i was at school but they seem quite long winded now..... as you can tell hes our 1st (and only so far) and we didn t even know what phonics was until the meeting.

he is a very intelligant child(even if i do say so myself) and learns very quick....i just dont want to teach him wrong (as it appears we have-opps)

LIZS Wed 18-May-05 21:11:57

There are some Jolly Phonics reading books -simple See and Say books and story books too, I think.

Otherwise Usborne do very clear ones - Apple Tree farm stories are popular with my two, and these can be read with alternating paragraphs for adult and child and are repetitive, and there are also "Easy Words to Read" books with rhyme and rhythm such as Shark in the Park.

tbh sharing books and reading with him any favourite simple books (Dear Bear is dd's current favourite) is a good start. Don't feel you have to teach him to read before he starts school - encouraging his interest and developing his vocabulary is as important.

milosmum Thu 19-May-05 12:57:21

thanks LIZs - i dont feel i have to- he adores books and cant understand why he cant read. at one piont he thought if he got glasses he would be able to -bless-. You could throw out all his toys and he would nt bother but DONT TOUCH THE BOOKS. i think as hes so into books hed love to be able to read them himself....

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