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I want to find letter tracing worksheets online

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HuffwardlyRudge Sat 04-Jul-09 08:13:17

You know when it is written in dots for your child to write over the top?

Ideally I want to find something where I can write her name in dots for her to trace over. (I have found some where they have lots of names but my daughter's name is unusual and doesn't exist on any pre-written name thingies (she is called Ribena Fnuploccial Schoozii Q-tip, okay?)

Or just sheets with one letter per page, lower case, maybe with a for apple sort of thing?

I can find lots of nearly what I want, but nothing exactly right.

Any good links?

Feenie Sat 04-Jul-09 08:15:57

This 'un

HuffwardlyRudge Sat 04-Jul-09 08:17:38

Found individual letter tracing sheets.

Would still be cool to be able to write her name for her to trace though.

Feenie Sat 04-Jul-09 08:18:54

You can do that on the site I suggested, Huff.

HuffwardlyRudge Sat 04-Jul-09 08:19:35

Or this!!

Typical. Have been looking for ages and then find it as soon as I post! Thanks Feenie

purepurple Sat 04-Jul-09 08:23:02

can you not make them yourself?

HuffwardlyRudge Sat 04-Jul-09 08:29:07

By hand you mean? Oh yes, I could do and have done, but was just putting together a few worksheets and got on a bit of a mission to make name tracing worksheets for her

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