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Calling Katisha, Musicposy, Mummydoc, Catwalker...

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discoball Wed 01-Jul-09 22:32:01

Hi, just to let you know that my DS passed his Grade 1 exam!! Was so pleased for him as he'd worked so hard towards it! Thanks for all your support and if your children ever do any keyboard exams in the future, I wish them all the very best! smile

musicposy Wed 01-Jul-09 23:22:51

Yay, I'm so pleased for him! grin

I just got my results today and my pupils all passed too, and my DD1 passed her Grade 4 piano that I'd had to really bribe her through! So I'm happy too.

Well done your DS! He will know just what to expect now when he does Grade 2! wink

discoball Thu 02-Jul-09 08:47:41

Thanks for your message, Musicposy - really glad to hear your DD1 passed her Grade 4 - that's brilliant. I can play by ear but cannot read music; wish I had learnt to, though! I can help my son with whether or not the piece "sounds" right, but can't help him with regard to reading the music. I have thought about doing keyboard myself, just so that I can help him a bit more! Thanks again, smile

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