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would my dyslexic child thrive at grammer school

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mulranno Wed 24-Jun-09 01:53:27

my daughter yr3 is dyslexic...she has a very high IQ....does this mean she could pass the 11? our area (south bucks) it is verbal reasoning only ....would she get any support for the exam (ie extra time?)...and would this be the best place for her....anyone ellse out there with a dyslexic at grammer school? it the right environment?...what are the specific challenges?

LIZS Wed 24-Jun-09 08:53:58

If you want to get extra exam time I'd suggest you start the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Depending on what diagnosis has been made and by whom you have to meet criteria to qualify. Have you spoken to the SENCO? An Educational Psychologist could assess her reading/writing speed and iq etc to back it up. ime it is either extra time or use of a laptop/scribe and you would probably need a report within 18 months of being due to sit the exam. She may or may not need learning support by that age which will vary from one school to another.

mulranno Wed 24-Jun-09 09:24:24

LIZS -- she is being assessed next week by Ed we will have something documented. Have 2 issues really - do we get into the 11+ tutition circus or should we just spend time addressing the dyslexia. I am new to all of this so have no idea what "addressing" the dyslexia will involve. Is it a year or so of tutition and they are then back on track -- or is it a long term thing with extra support and tuition all the way through. I suppose what I am saying is does it get corrected as a one off or require long term support.

LIZS Wed 24-Jun-09 09:53:35

I think you'd need to speak to the ed psyc, but it may be a case of trying strategies, reviewing and seeing what works for her over a period of time. ds(11) has an uneven learning profile due to dyspraxia and he is all but discharged by NHS, although we fund one to one at school - will still need more time in exams though and possibly a laptop. Friend's ds only had a few terms of one to one and has got into a high performing selective secondary while others need longer term support. Is the Ed Psyc being organised through the school, as if you pay for a private one the LEA can refuse to recognise the findings.

bellissima Wed 24-Jun-09 10:18:25

Hesitate to suggest this but you could try posting your questions on the Bucks section of the 11 Plus Forum (I say hesitate because i wouldn't want you to get drawn into the 'my life is over if DC doesn't go to grammar school' attitude that some on there seem to have (usual apologies to those who don't etc etc, not meaning to be rude). What I'm saying is, I think you are wise to explore this issue from the 'what's best for DC' angle.

smee Wed 24-Jun-09 11:54:31

mulranno, if her dyslexia's assessed as needing additional help, then the schools have to find her support wherever she goes. If that's deemed not to be necessary you have more of a battle on your hands. None of my business, but she's only yr 3, do you really need to worry this early about secondary?

mulranno Wed 24-Jun-09 12:54:40

Hi Smee...wish I did not have to worry now...but in yr 4 (sept 09) I will need to book an 11+ start lessons in Sept 10/yr 5. Exam is early Oct of yr6.

The tutition is intense, expensive...and I do not want to go down this route if

a) she hasnt a hope in hell of passing

b) she would be better spending this time working on her dyslexia

c) if she did get thru could we be sure that she would thrive in this environment?

LIZS Wed 24-Jun-09 13:02:46

Why not book the tutor sooner with a view to tackling the dyslexia, on the back of next week's report, and if it is felt she is ready for 11+ in a year's time then he/she can include that in the tutoring.

dyslexia and academic achievment are not necessarily mutually exclusive. But whether she is suited to a grammar school environment in other ways is almost a separate issue. What do her teachers say ? dn was earmarked as gs potential by year 3 , but didn't pass 11+ - wasn't tutored for it though.

tiredlady Wed 24-Jun-09 13:06:18

LIZS, is it true that the LEA won't recognise a private Ed Psych assessment? That's got me worried. Ds is in yr 3 and never really got on with his reading. The school just used to say "oh he's fine" but I really felt he was bright and should be doing better. We got him assessed privately and he has a high IQ of 129 with moderate to severe dyslexia. The school still don't think there's a problem (probably as he is not the worst in the class)and we just pay for a private tutor.
However, I was thinking ahead and hoping to use the report in high school to see if he could have extra time in exams etc. Might they not recognise it then? Any suggestions?

mulranno Wed 24-Jun-09 13:15:33

My understanding is that an Ed Psyc report form a qualified practitioner (membe or BPS) is well recognised. My daughter is at an independent school so we have to go the private route also. However they may not recognise other assesments from "dyslexia tutors" etc.

LIZ..yes I think that we will have to take the wait and see approach. Where is the best place to post to find parents with children in grammer -- who may have experience?

weblette Wed 24-Jun-09 13:23:45

I'm in South Bucks too. From the experiences of a friend, your dd will get extra time for the exam - the scores are standardised so her dyslexia would be taken into consideration.

I know a couple of teachers at grammars round here so could ask if you like, I'll also put feelers out for parents. The impression I've had though is that dyslexia is not a problem - there's a lot of support available if you have a diagnosis.

Dd's maths tutor also does 11+ coaching, her son is dyslexic so she knows what strategies to use. CAT me if you want her number.

LIZS Wed 24-Jun-09 13:39:48

It could well be down to the individual local authority and even its budget. Surrey for example weren't interested in discussing support as ds is at an independent school.

If an Ed Psych works in both sectors it may be advantage if you are considering switching systems. The LEA may be able to give you a list of ones they would use(or even the shcool SENCO), even if you subsequently fund it privately. By coincidence the one who saw ds also works for the LEA part time. His assessment was done a year ago (end Year 5) and to get extra consideration for 13+ exams we will need an updated one by next summer.

trickerg Wed 24-Jun-09 18:35:43

'None of my business, but she's only yr 3, do you really need to worry this early about secondary?'

Smee, you obviously don't live in S Bucks!!! lol
(For Yr 3, read YR in some cases!!!)

scienceteacher Wed 24-Jun-09 18:39:28

When I taught in grammar school, there were lots of dyslexic children, so this is not a bar to doing well in the 11+.

The big concern is the quality of the provision for dyslexic child. For example, will they have visiting teachers from Dyslexia Action?

As for public examinations, she will be assessed for needing extra time, and if granted, will be allowed 25% ET. She may also be able to qualify for a reader, depending on the severity of her need.

piscesmoon Wed 24-Jun-09 19:46:22

It would depend entirely on the grammar school in question. I would visit now and find out what provision is made.

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