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Do you live in Oxford?

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jennifersofia Mon 22-Jun-09 00:04:54

Come and tell me about the secondaries - are there many good state secondaries? Is it prohibitively expensive (houses more than 400k?) to live close enough to them to get in?

Lazycow Mon 22-Jun-09 00:08:39

I have just moved her in February. Te secondary schools are mixed I think. We are quite near Cherwell (in Marston) which is a good state scondary school I believe. Also matthew Arnold in Botley (used to be bad I;ve heard but is much improved I believe) Botley isn't too expensive for Oxford either.

jellybrain Thu 25-Jun-09 22:18:56

Do you actually need to be in Oxford itself? Cherwell is North Oxford which I think is quite expensive ie probably more than £400k for a house. There are good schools in towns/villages fairly close to Oxford eg. marlbrough in Woodstock (my local school) and Bartholomew in Eynsham. Not sure about schools south of the city.
Cherwell don't have a uniform which would drive me completely potty!

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