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Primary appeal: What might swing it for us?!

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faraday Fri 05-Jun-09 19:19:31

Briefly, we've moved 2 miles. DS1 has a Y5 place as of this week at the new school, DS2, in Y3 doesn't as the year is full. The school told me to appeal DS2's place as they thought I'd be in with a good chance! DS2 IS 1st on the waiting list but I am already finding the 6 mile round trip to get DS2 to his existing school a bit of a fag; it means DS1 walking home alone (no big deal) but then letting himself in and waiting for 35 mins for my return; it means TWO lots of inset days.

Now, I know 'blardy inconvenience' won't cut it with the appeals body so what might? I'm perfectly happy with his existing school (in fact it MIGHT be a tad better than the new one BUT this one is in catchment for a fabulous secondary),

So what does one say?

I can cite the social issue of DS2 not being able to integrate into the estate as he's not at school here, I can cite the destabilising influence of DS2 suddenly not having big brother at the school, but neither seem that strong!

Any ideas??

faraday Sat 06-Jun-09 09:23:46


purepurple Sat 06-Jun-09 09:30:26

your first reason is a very good reason, it was one of the ones I used when i appealed and won for a place for my DS in Y7.

I would have thought that having a Y5 pupil going home to an empty house and having to wait for you to return from the other school is a very valid reason too.

we also got a letter of support from our local MP which helped.

Good luck!

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