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Moomin Sun 08-May-05 12:44:09

Is anyone else aware that the English SATs results that Y9 took last week will not be publishing your children's results until the 3rd week in August? They hgave previously always been available by end of June or July, beofre the end of term. There was such a cock-up with the marking last year though that they have given themselves more time to get it sorted.

However, this means that their results cannot be used in any way to determine Y9's positions in Y10 for GCSEs as any setting/banding will have been done by school by then.

Therefore, all setting will have been done using Teacher Assessment, which teachers have already been saying for donkeys is the most accurate way of assessing pupils.

Therefore, the SATs results themselves are meaningless (on top of all the other reasons that they are meaningless).

[This post is by an English teacher who has just spent a hugely disproportionate part of the last 2 terms prearing her classes for these exams, including 6 weeks on a Shakespeare task which only counts for 18 marks out of 100 anyway.]

Potty1 Sun 08-May-05 12:59:18

Sounds like good news to me Moonmin. And I'm glad to hear that the Shakespeare doesn't count for many marks. Ds2 didn't like that bit of the paper but really enjoyed the long writing......and for him to be enthusiastic is a minor miracle

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