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Dental appt clashes with SATS - which should dd miss?

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QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:18:47

I have a bit of a dilemma and would appreciate your advice.

I have had an appointment booked for my dd aged 13 with the orthodontist for several weeks now. Today I checked my diary to see what we've got coming up next week and realised that she has her QCA tests starting on Monday morning during the 1st and 2nd lessons.

The dental appt is at 9am Monday morning! Only for an assessment for a brace so is not urgent and I don't mind re-arranging but it could be some weeks or even a couple of months waiting for a new appt. However the dentists does not open until (I think) 8.30am on Monday morning so that would be my first chance to phone to ask for a new appointment. I know I will get charged a late cancellation fee if that's what I decide to do.

The other option would be to phone the school as early as possible, explain the situation to them and hope they allow dd to take the test at another time and keep the dental appt.

Not sure what to do - which is the lesser of the two evils as it were? Any ideas or advice? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Janh Sun 08-May-05 00:21:44

I thought KS3 SATs were last week, QE? [puzzled]

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:25:04

My ds's SATS (he's in year 6) and dd's QCA tests (year 8) are starting on Monday. Think also younger ds is as well (year4).

Maybe it's different depending on which area you're in?

JulieF Sun 08-May-05 00:26:22

The tests were last week, Key stage 2 carry on next week I think. The school wouldn;t be able to change the date as they are prescribed nationally.

JulieF Sun 08-May-05 00:27:35

Ah , that makes a difference, she is obviosuly doing the optional tests, not the compulsory ones that the league tables use. In which case take her to the dentist.

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:28:05

My kids have def not had any actual tests yet. Practice for them yes, but actual exams are def next week for us.

JulieF Sun 08-May-05 00:30:24

SATs timetable

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:32:17

Julie - your prev posts crossed I think. Yes dd's are the optional ones but they are sent forward to her Upper school which she starts in Sept, as a marker for setting them.

Janh Sun 08-May-05 00:34:23

But that does mean she could sit them another time, QE, doesn't it? It's only the actual SATs which have immovable national timetables?

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:36:21

JanH - in theory i guess yes she could. But as the dentist appt is 9am and the first test starts at 9am too, I have to make my mind up which to make the priority. What if she couldn't re-sit it another time? Would it REALLY matter that much, I wonder?

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:38:40

And I don't think I could get to school on time if the dentist said they could rearrange. I have a sneaky feeling we are the first appointment or at least one of the very first.

Janh Sun 08-May-05 00:38:45

What time does school open for phone calls? What time does DD normally have to leave the house to gt to school? Any way you could ring school first to explain the situation and beg for her to take them another time (if they are essential for Sept?)

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:43:10

She walks and no rmally leaves at 8.20 in time for start of school at 8.50but I would be able to drive her when I take my other ds. That way she could stay at home until last minute whilst I try to get hold of school. I think they open for calls about 8.35 onwards which leaves it very tight time-wise. Have to have 4.5mth old and 2 year old ready too.

Janh Sun 08-May-05 00:47:02

Good grief, what a relaxing morning you will have on Monday!

I would do that then - plan to drive her in, if you have to, after you've rung school.

If school says she can miss the tests on Monday, will you still have time to drive DS to school and get her back to the dentist by 9? Or is the dentist near enough for her to walk?

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:52:19

No dentist is too far for her to walk to but only 10 mins in car. Could drop DS off at 9.45 then drive to dentist. Leaves it blooming tight though between getting hold of school office at 8.35 and loading everyone into the car to get ds to school for 8.45! Fingers crossed I can get a parking space/ticket, unload babies from car and get into the dentists looking as though getting there has been a stroll in the park!

Janh Sun 08-May-05 00:55:12

You could get them all into the car before 8.35 (because they will all have to be in it whatever school says) and then ring school on your mobile? Or if you don't have one, leave DD in charge in the car while you ring from inside the house.

QueenEagle Sun 08-May-05 00:59:33

JanH - yes taht would be good idea. Think I was probably coming to that conclusion....slowly! Think overall her teeth getting done asap are more important than a test which is only for setting. If it was actual SATS I would cancel the dentist and take the consequnces.

Thanks for taking the time to help me muddle through it! Will let you know how it turns out.

QueenEagle Mon 09-May-05 08:23:09

I've just spoken to the dentist's who opened at 8am, thankfully, and have re-arranged dd's appt for 2 weeks' time and I won't get charged for late cancellation! She said they'd had lots of parents phoning up during the last few weeks as they hadn't realised the clash with SATS and the dentist's had decided to waive any cancellation fee if it was due to this reason.

Phew! Problem solved and my stress levels have gone down at last.

Janh Mon 09-May-05 10:47:39

Oh good - I was going to post asking for an update, QE - that's the best result! Hope she does well in her tests today

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