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Birds & the Bees books - for 10 and 8 yr olds

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crystaltips Tue 29-Apr-03 16:10:35

Well, the questions have started and I am now having to broach the subject of Sex education
I am comfortable to discuss openly with my DD and my DS anything that they want to know on the subject - but was also looking for a book that is pitched at the right level for them to understand.
Any recommendations please ?

hmb Tue 29-Apr-03 16:52:11

Mummy laid an egg is good, but make sure you read iy first and don't get embarrased by the drawings, which are funny, but a bit rude!

Tissy Tue 29-Apr-03 16:53:57

When we bought stepds (dss?,age9,Mummy laid an Egg he thought it looked so much fun, he wanted to watch

SimonHoward Thu 01-May-03 13:09:13

I'm so glad they have books aimed at kids now for this. My parents got out the medical books they used when they were nurses and showed my brothers and I the diagrams.

I think I was the only 10 y/o at the time that could tell you what it was all about even though I was still certain that I'd never want to try it because who wanted babies, oh no, not me.

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