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Inspiration needed for Year 4 Art Lesson!

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doglover Wed 27-May-09 13:46:24

I've just posted this in the art and craft topic but thought that someone glancing here may have some nuggets of wisdom,too. I've got a Year 4 class in a couple of weeks for a 2 hour lessson; their topic is 'Houses and Homes'. They have already completed a clay plaque, a watercolour painting of their dream home and wallpaper printed designs. I really need a one-off lesson with a 'wow' factor for an important display. Maybe collage? Maybe .........?! Please help!

thumbwitch Wed 27-May-09 13:49:17

what about homes through the ages - start with caves, move onto log huts, then wattle and daub, etc etc? Might be a bit "old" for them but could be fun!

thumbwitch Wed 27-May-09 13:49:54

or homes round the world - teepees, igloos, bamboo huts, that kind of thing?

lljkk Wed 27-May-09 14:36:32

DS is Yr4.
What he would enjoy and would really throw himself into would be a picture of either a home he'd like, or "homes in the future", space-age, Eco-warrior, whatever they fancy but in an imaginative/creative way.

Something he could draw or paint or even do on 'puta.

cazzybabs Wed 27-May-09 14:39:30

Give them half a picture of Lowry - they have to do the rest?

Make a shoebox house

Newspaper constructions - how can you make the tallest house etc

cazzybabs Wed 27-May-09 14:40:14

give them lots of different construction material and they have to make their own house - photo for display

doglover Wed 27-May-09 14:42:50

Fab ideas! You creative lot!!!

Nextsale Mon 01-Jun-09 21:37:20

Make a street of famous homes whitehouse number 10 coronation st spongebob house

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