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Days off in term time

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AAE Sun 24-May-09 11:13:23

Ok - I know there are lots of issues etc here but I was just wondering about the legalities etc. If a parent wanted to take DC out for a day during term-time and they happened to miss a KS1 test - what exactly is the 'actual' problem - and who is it a problem for?

As far as I'm aware the KS1 levels are teacher assessed so if they don't know what level the children are at now, then what have they been doing all year.....

Also - if the kids are not meant to know they are being assessed (which is the case at our school) then how has the child suffered?

I'm not actually talking about my DC here as DD is Yr1...


lljkk Sun 24-May-09 13:48:56

KS1 SATs are done using assessment over a long period, I doubt very much that it would matter if they missed a single test; for that matter, I think it's possible to sit the May tests on variable dates; the kids don't all do the same tests on the same dates, like they seem to with KS2 exams.

It's KS2 SATs that the school will make a huge fuss over if you try to pull your child out for them.

scoggins Sun 07-Jun-09 23:42:37

WHy do you want to take your child out?

Littlefish Mon 08-Jun-09 20:05:47

Yes, teacher assessment forms a large part of the KS1 sats. However, there are also a maths paper, spelling paper and reading comprehension paper which is generally completed in small groups, or sometimes as a whole class. If a child misses the day/days when these papers are done, then they will complete them on their return. This means that they might have to do them 1:1 with a TA.

Littlefish Mon 08-Jun-09 21:14:16

However, there is

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