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ASPERGERS(Poor Hand/EYE Co-Ordination & motor skills : Writing on PLAIN or LINED/SQUARED paper..

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TheRealMrsF Tue 03-May-05 22:05:59

Leigh is yr3 and i am sick and tired of comments in his homework book about his handwriting.....

They are expected to put a 'line guide' under each blank page and then as they finish a page move it and put it under the last page etc....

Personally i think this is hard for any young child....but FFS...a child with lousy hand-eye co-ordination........pleeeeeeeease!!!!!

Not only that...but when he hass to do maths...again on PLAIN PAPER.....what about the good ol' squared paper???

So..........what i want to know your 8 yr olds have to do this....a and teachers.....if this is done for a reason.....WHY??????

I have special handwriting paper (red/blue lines) and feel like scrapping his homework book and just using our own paper

sis Tue 03-May-05 22:22:21

Whaaat?! ds is six (year1) and really struggles with lined paper - no way would he be able to use a line guide. come to think of it, he uses the lines on the paper as a guide only and occasionally, the letters sit on the line, but generally, the letters are anywhere between the top and bottom line.

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