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Someone tell me what's wrong with Steiner? (Via e-mail!!!)

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EverySingleStar Mon 27-Apr-09 13:46:31

I've just seen the post with 1001 responses titled 'waldorf steiner'. I don't have any DC's yet, but was curious about the Steiner method and had been planning to visit some schools, etc.

I've now done some research and am very curious as to what the heavily edited previous Steiner threads mentioned. As I don't want anyone (least of all little old me!) to get in trouble with MN towers or anyone else, please e-mail me at:

and please give me an unbiased (or biased if you like!) view about the Steiner method. I have all of the positive views, so really only curious about the negatives.

Thanks in advance

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littlelamb Mon 27-Apr-09 13:48:44


Tizian Mon 27-Apr-09 13:55:33

Waldorf Answers addresses the main negatives.

EverySingleStar Mon 27-Apr-09 13:56:40

little why the hmm - as I'm a genuine person wanting to make sure I don't make a mistake in my children's education??

Thank you Tizian much more useful.

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themildmanneredjanitor Mon 27-Apr-09 13:57:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelamb Mon 27-Apr-09 13:58:28

Because the steiner threads are well known for wierdo Steiner-defending trolls. And I see it's your first day of posting. And you don't have any dc........

EverySingleStar Mon 27-Apr-09 14:07:10

I'm allowed to be new - presumably you were once?

And yes, I did create an e-mail address just for this because I don't want my own e-mail address listed on a public website. AND I don't want to get in trouble (or get anyone else in trouble) for posting something inflammatory that they're not supposed to.

But I AM curious as to the negative views! If you don't have anything constructive to post...why post?

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EverySingleStar Mon 27-Apr-09 14:07:53

And I'm not a Steiner-defender, as I said I've just looked into it.

And why am I not allowed on Mumsnet if I have no DC? I am TTC, thank you very much for pointing out the fact I haven't been able to yet. sad

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littlelamb Mon 27-Apr-09 14:13:15

No, you don't have to be a parent to be on MN
But to post on such an inflamatory topic for sseemingly no good reason? On your first day? When you have no actual reason to be looking into it? Then yes, people will be suspicious. And I'm sure there's enough on the threads for you to get the gist of it

EverySingleStar Mon 27-Apr-09 14:16:54

Little I have an actual reason, hoping that I do have children one day and choosing an education that I think is right for them. I'd like to have a balanced opinion, and most of the threads have had the 'negative' posts deleted. The link has helped quite a lot so thanks for that Tizian.

Sorry this is an inflammatory topic - I'll choose to just sit quietly in the background for the rest of my life hmm.

Anyway - I guess I can understand why some might be suspicious but I'm not sinister.

I'll go re-read the threads now and try to be a bit more thorough. Sorry if I incensed anyone.

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isenhart7 Mon 27-Apr-09 16:11:36

Star I don't believe that the 'negative' posts have been deleted from previous threads as you will discover in your reading. What have been removed, IMO, are those posts which mumsnet deemed possibly libelous. If you would be willing to create a webpage where ALL answers to your inquiry would be posted I suspect you would receive more responses including perhaps those of the sinister variety.

What's wrong with Steiner education, IMO, is that it is cost-prohibitive for most families.
BTW, you might want to meet your future children first before you decide which education is right for them. smile

campion Mon 27-Apr-09 18:57:05

And you won't be able to make sure you don't make any mistakes with your children's education . You'll just know whether you have after the event.

That's life wink.

MANATEEequineOHARA Tue 28-Apr-09 10:41:27

Read the thread and make up your own mind. Good luck TTC.

northernrefugee39 Tue 28-Apr-09 11:50:19


littlelamb grin @ "weird Steiner defending trolls"

MANATEE's right- read her posts- read maimuna's.

google waldorf steiner critics and waldorf problems.

Tizian Thu 30-Apr-09 09:05:15

Normal informative pro/con discussions here at MN before the barking/northernrefugee39 extremist crusades the last years:

- What do you know about Steiner schools?

- Tell me everything you know about Steiner schools/philosophy

- Steiner education - what's the low down?

PortoPandemico Thu 30-Apr-09 09:09:58

Why would you want to go and visit ANY school when you don't have a child yet? To me that is a bit weird.

EldonAve Thu 30-Apr-09 17:30:57

Perhaps the OP is a Steiner defender and wishes to get the emails/personal details of people who critise Steinerhmm

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