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St Antonys RC school, Redbridge

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josie14 Thu 23-Apr-09 12:59:38

Would like to hear from parents who have children at this school. I heard large numbers of children who applied for a reception place at the school to start this September did not get a place. This, I heard, included children who were supported by the parish, live in the first catchment area and even have siblings at the school. Does anyone know if this is right. We have a 3 yo son and we will be applying to St Antony's for him for Sept 2010. We live in the parish, the first catchment area - Buckhurst Hill (IG9). He has no siblings at the school. Would like to hear whats been said by parents in the playground

leosdad Tue 28-Apr-09 20:42:31

Would love my dc's to go there but you have to live very, very close as it is a big parish. It is a very good school, have several friends with children there (they have older siblings at secondary with my children), and redbridge is a good education authority (fantastic music service to the schools)
First catchment area is IG8 woodford green, but you do have an alternative in St John's Buckhurst Hill which is C of E or possibly St John Fisher in Loughton but nowhere near as good as St Antony's
Thinking ahead you will definitely be in the catchment area of an excellent secondary!!!!! Hope you are successful

fruitbeard Sat 02-May-09 21:04:44

Ooh, I would have loved DD to go there but I gather you have to live opposite the school gates (we did actually look at a house in Mornington Ave for that very reason!) to stand a chance if you've no siblings there.

A work colleague is a school gov. at St Mary's (in Nth Chingford) and he told me that all but 2 of their places last year went to siblings - the downside of being Catholic, I suppose!

If we're still in the area in a few years' time we are def. considering a move to Woodford Green (in Ilford atm and at the Ursuline) as we would much prefer her to go to Trinity than the 2 local Catholic secondaries. Have to start saving now for that 2 bed terrace... wink

leosdad Tue 05-May-09 13:39:29

buckhurst hill and chigwell are in the void (in theory and in the past were in catchments for st antonys, st augustine's and st john fisher) but in practice some years aren't in any of them - my friend who lived in chigwell only got a place because parish priest insisted on it - a few years back when you could do that sort of thing

josie14 Thu 04-Jun-09 15:32:43

Thank you for the advice both of you. We can but try for our ds but your answers certainly explain all the private primary schools in Buck Hill. Been in touch with St John's and they say they operate a very tight catchment area, which changes year by year. Also, I have heard the current under 7s are part of a baby boom.

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