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Primary Schools in Putney - anyone familiar with them ?

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Scatterbrain Wed 16-Apr-03 12:57:08

My friend may be moving to Putney, the West Hill area, shortly and her dd is due to start school this September. Her younger dd is almost 3 - so if a school had a nursery attached so much the better ! She is a catholic, but isn't particularly bothered whether the school is or not - preferring a good/nice school !

Does anyone know which are the nice state schools ? And how oversubscribed are they likely to be ? Would they be obliged to take a newcomer to their area ?

Thank you all !! xxx

Scatterbrain Thu 17-Apr-03 12:17:53

Ahhhh - no-one in Putney then ??

I've been looking at and ofsted and have found two what look like excellent catholic primaries within a mile of where she'll be living - they're called Our Lady in Heaven and Our Lady Victories - perhaps someone might know them ??

Pleeeeeaaaaase !!!

clucks Thu 17-Apr-03 21:07:49

There's a really good church school in Southfields just by Westhill by the A3. I don't think it's catholic but it has a really good reputation and comes top a lot in things. Unfortunately I don't know the name it may have victoria in the title! Sadly, I don't live in Putney but this school is in the top 100 in London or something. HTH

SueW Thu 17-Apr-03 22:39:34

The children of some friends of ours went to Hotham which is on Hotham Road. I don't remember their having any problems with the school. They lived very close.

AFAIK, both girls are now at Putney High - definitely the older one is. Unfortunately we've lost regular contact since we left London five years ago.

SamboM Wed 11-Jun-03 15:19:37

There are lots of good primary schools in Putney,

St Mary's
All Saints
Our Lady of Victories

are all very good

Scatterbrain Thu 12-Jun-03 12:23:40

What's St Joseph's like - she's just heard they've both got in there !!

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