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titchy Fri 22-Apr-05 10:56:12

My ds is 4 and shows absolutely no interest in letters or learning how to read etc. Although I don't want to seem l ike a pushy mum I know that when he starts school in September most of the children will have done the basics and at least be able to blend letters to form simple words. Ds doesn;t even know his letters yet, other than the ones in his name.

He is however obsessed with the computer (not that he's allowed to use it very much). However it has now dawned on me that rather than trying to make him look at workbooks or sheets which he hates (and I don;t want to turn him off learning so I don't push them too much with him), if there were any websites out there that taught children their letters, and how letters join up to make words in a FUN, GAME-type way, then this might just do the trick.

Anyone got any recommendations? Ot software that I could buy (I'd rather download as shopping time is limited at the mo').


lailag Fri 22-Apr-05 11:26:46

my ds likes to play computer games as well, he likes cbeebies. We have some more educational soft ware as well,
dr seuss,
Disney kindergarten (several disney ones in fact, some not very good "not very educational", sorry not sure which ones)
Jump Ahead/starting school (his favourite).

Not sure how much he is really learning from it...
Does he like to read books? There are some nice ABC books around. Anyway, my ds can't write much (well, he can write his name on the computer) but sure he will catch up at school in september

ChocolateGirl Fri 22-Apr-05 20:05:05

My ds1 is in Reception. He learned lots of letter-sounds from the Jolly Phonics video and the Finger Phonics (same range) books. The website is called Jolly Learning and you can get lots of their stuff in the ELC.

My ds also likes (I think) and the BBC Schools site which does some phonological awareness stuff in the form of games.

Playing "I spy" was recommended when ds was in Nursery.

Hope that helps a bit. Like someone else said, I wouldn't worry, he'll catch up in school.

titchy Fri 22-Apr-05 22:58:45

Thanks for those - any others?

lailag Sat 23-Apr-05 10:15:03

internet for toddlers

just remembered this , haven't really tried them out yet...

LIZS Sat 23-Apr-05 10:19:56

Have a look at The Little Animals Activity Centre on BBC .

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