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Can I speak to SENCO without going through the head

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Cosmo74 Fri 22-Apr-05 10:13:11

History - MY DS is 5 - started primary in September and was on a IEP within 6 weeks - that's fine when I looked into it yes he has some difficulties, probably has ADD/Dyspraxia but we are waiting on an assessment - which is now looking that it will be 18 months before we are even initially seen ( that's anohter story). He is now on his 3rd teacher this year!!! 1st teacher was a nightmare - started a book - which got known as Glenn's bold book by all the other kids as all she wrote in it was bad comments - we asked for this to stop and she started a sticker chart - his 2nd teacher started with him just after Christmas and was a breath of fresh air - she realised that DS has some difficulties with behaviour but keep saying that he was not a bold child and had excellent ability - was actually one of the top students in the class as far as his work was concerned - she really worked with him to settle him and keep him occupied while she was teaching everyone, she is also the one who insisted that we ask for an assessment until then his 1st teacher and head keep telling us not to rush things - so we requested an assessment tthrough the school and GP in Feb. nothing has happened with either yet!! DS is not on his 3rd teacher and it is like starting all over again - his 3rd teacher is just back from Maternity leave and is only working a few days a week and then he has 2nd teacher - to start off with this is not ideal for a child who does not like change to his enviroment - when he has 2nd teacher his sticker chart has not been too good this last coulple of weeks (since 3rd teacher came in) but 2nd teacher deals with it and just tells him to try harder but when he has 3rd teacher his chart comes home along with notes like ' Glenn still won't sit on the mat......he likes one on one attention!!!....he is disruptive and sistracting the other kids in the class as he won't sit still!!!!' this last one had my blood bubbling - He CAN'T sit still and he is NOT disruptive on purpose he need help to settle and YES he does need one to one attention - after all it was the school that pointed this out from the start - but she doesn't seem to do anything to help him - what am I suppose to do I cannot go to school and sit in his class with him - my mum picked him up one day and tried to talk to her about DS and said that he needs to be settled and her respose was 'I have other kids in the class' - What should I do can I speak to the SENCO about my worries - I am afraid that with the wrong teacher he is just going to be known as a bold child and no-one will take the time to help him and he will just be left behind at school. I do not want to come across as slagging off the teacher - I know it must be very hard - especially as she is just back from maternity leave but surely she has read DS assessment request and knows his difficulties.

What should I do - I really am at my wits end - I ended up crying myself to sleeplast night over this and over the fact that my child needs help but is not getting the help he needs.

Any ideas appreciated.

P.S Please do not think I am getting at teachers - I know they have one of the hardest jobs in the world and know that I could never do it but am I expecting too much that my son gets a proper education albeit that he may need extra help for this!!!

tra Tue 26-Apr-05 14:04:58

Slightly different, but I have been having problems with the senco at my daughters school, who I was referred to by the head as my daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic at 6. I have spoke to the local education department for advise and they put me in touch with the parents partnership, which I understand all education departments have to have, and they have been absolutley brilliant. They have advised me what help my daughter should be getting and what questions to ask and have even offered to come to any meetings with me that I need to have with the school. Its early days yet, but they have really helped me, don't know if its of any help!

Joanna3 Wed 27-Apr-05 09:56:40

Cosmo, no real advice just lots of sympathy. My ds (just 5) has been having similar problems to yours at school. No-one has said he is very intelligent however!! Can't sit still, is very naughty and intolerant of authority. I have a meeting with the SENCO and class teacher tomorrow but so far the school have not offered any assessment - just placed him on the list of kids giving cause for concern. He gets some small group work but I don't know how often. I am very interested to see how you get on with the request for an assessment. How do you know it is going to take 18 months? Is there anyway you could pay for this to be done privately?

Louise1980 Wed 27-Apr-05 19:25:56

Cosmo you have just described my 4yr old boy!

Luckly my son has only had 2 teachers and he adjusted quite easily, sitting still tho is another subject altogether!

I must admit Im EXTREMLY lucky as the Senior Area SENCO in Newcastle/ Northumberland area happens to be my aunty so my worries were put at rest. And name dropping was great, it was as if they thought "oooh cant delay things here"

My son's teacher was actually went on a special needs course led by my aunt and that was when she got the Educational Psychologist to do a basic assessment on him when she was passing through. They then decided it was not necessary for a thorough one.

I felt the same about my sons teacher until I approached her in tears as I was at my wits end and i was sick of hearing about things he had done. It got to the point that other parents were coming in and complaining about my son (he's only 4) and asking that their kids were kept away. This was when my tears started and i asked her for help. Id approached my HV, social services, local sure start ect but nothing. I know he is no angel but I feel that it is beyond his control, eg he lashes out sometimes, hes overpowering and boysterous.

Anyway after my long winded reply, there is someone you can talk to but Im not sure if it will be a senco. If you ring your LEA and ask then how you get in touch with school services and ask them. It may draw a blank but its better than nothing.

Also Id ask at school for a meeting with all members of staff who have contact with your ds, including the headteacher. LKist all of your concernes and take someone with you for moral support. I think the most important thing is that your son has continuity in his disciplin/education plan. Hes probably confused. Some sort of action plan needs to be set out to make life easier for every one concerned.

Good luck and if you need to sound off post a thread or CAT me.

Louise1980 Wed 27-Apr-05 19:26:15

God I never realised that was so long!!!

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