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Scary thought........

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NomDePlume Thu 21-Apr-05 11:16:20

I start Uni in September, on a 4 year course.

DS1 starts yr9 in September.

That means, I'll be graduating from Uni just a few months before DS1 starts (if he chooses to go, that is)

Iklboo Thu 21-Apr-05 11:49:00

Good for you NomDePlume! What are you studying? No matter if you're going to graduate just before DS1. He might not choose to go to the same Uni anyway. Even if he does, you'll have graduated (pity really, you could have embarrassed him by insisting on eating lunch together and still giving him a 'spit & promise' wash afterwards)


NomDePlume Thu 21-Apr-05 12:56:51

Lol, Tracy. I'll be studying Radiography at UCE in Birmingham, really getting excited about it now

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