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If your DCs are at independent schools are fees increasing this year?

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Buda Fri 27-Mar-09 16:26:20

Doing a bit of a survey! DS is at an international school and we are aware that fees are increasing. Just wondering if other schools are increasing fees in this economic climate.

bloss Fri 27-Mar-09 16:30:10

Message withdrawn

EldonAve Fri 27-Mar-09 16:37:29

our eldest has not yet started but the school he is going to are not increasing their fees

LIZS Fri 27-Mar-09 16:50:01

Was going to start a thread on this, just had ours which is just under 5% but now inclusive of more "extras" . Another local school is not increasing its fees as it has merged with another smaller one which already charges less and they need to catch up.

Hulababy Fri 27-Mar-09 16:58:30

No idea yet; will get invoice and notice of any increase sometime during Easter holidays.

I do expect some rise. There was no rise last year at all, but they decided to start charging for after school care instead.

Our fees will go up regardless of any % increase as DD is moving from preprep to prep.

Litchick Fri 27-Mar-09 17:18:53

School has said it will try to impose no increase this year.

dilemma456 Fri 27-Mar-09 17:20:52

Message withdrawn

happilyconfused Fri 27-Mar-09 21:29:00

Just had the letter and it is 3%

snorkle Fri 27-Mar-09 21:53:45

Don't know yet, but it seems rather much to hope for a price freeze. Would be nice though.

Sidge Fri 27-Mar-09 22:04:42

Yup, got a letter home today saying that in September the fees are going up 3%.

But they seem to be investing it in the school as we can see the difference around the place.

Buda Sat 28-Mar-09 05:39:21

Thanks guys. I was up in arms about potential increase here but it does seem as if lots of schools are increasing fees.

Hulababy Sat 28-Mar-09 12:55:40

We were initially advised by our IFA to aalow for 10% increase per year in school fees, so to see 3% ones is fab

Earlybird Sat 28-Mar-09 12:58:45

DD's school increases fees approximately 7% each year. In light of the economy they have decided to increase fees 'only' by 4%.

ICANDOTHAT Sat 28-Mar-09 15:53:54

Yes, ours has by about £150. It has increased every year by about this amount.

usernametaken Sat 28-Mar-09 17:59:04

DD's will increase by 2.5% this year. Her fees are cheap in comparison to other local private schools. With the Reception vouchers coming in, it makes it even better!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sat 28-Mar-09 18:12:07

Letter today - 6% shock

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sat 28-Mar-09 18:22:47

AND next years history trip is £1,700 shock shock

MollieO Sat 28-Mar-09 18:23:43

6% seems pretty steep. Have they tried to justify it?

MollieO Sat 28-Mar-09 18:24:24

Where are they going?

Metella Sat 28-Mar-09 19:01:15

Ours is 4.2% - I was expecting it to be around 4% so that's fine.

slummymummy36 Sat 28-Mar-09 21:47:41

Waiting to hear but I suspect there will be some dort of rise! We usually get told in June. 6 and 7% seem very steep rises? Ours is around 4% usually.

singersgirl Sat 28-Mar-09 21:57:54

The 6% will depress my husband inordinately.

MrsGofG, we've accepted the place so I guess our sons will be in the same year from September.

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 28-Mar-09 22:01:53

The Steiner School we left in January was raising fees by 'something in the region of 12.5%', Very unhelpful of them to be so vague (not).

Their fees are low though in the first place.

CowsGoMoo Sun 29-Mar-09 00:31:05

Ours have risen by £150 per term, not too bad, last years rise was huge in comparison

But yippee, Pre prep late stay is now free!
Pre prep finishes at 3.30 and prep at 4.30, Im at work at 3.30 and its a pain collecting twice so lots of parents use late stay so having it free is going to save us all a lot of pennies!

SueW Sun 29-Mar-09 07:46:32

We'll hear about it sometime soon. I think it comes with our extras bill.

Previous increases (we've been there since 2000) haven't been more than 5-6% so I hope it won't be any more, esp since they are currently 're-structuring'.

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