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What ^should^ a Nursery be like?

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BadgerBadger Wed 20-Apr-05 21:15:03

DD had her play session this afternoon as an introduction to the nursery she is to start tomorrow. But, I don't think she will be - and confused!

Children from the ages of 3 were climbing on the 7' climbing frame, unsupervised.

One 'teacher' was supervising (ignoring) the 20 odd children outside on the slide/climbing frame, etc.

The staff didn't know where any one child was at any given time, they (about 60 or so children) were all running throughout 4 different rooms, outside and back in, freely.

I handed in a shard of glass I'd found in the playground, which hadn't been noticed.

At snack time they were sharing food out of their mouths with each other, again, unsupervised.

The gates were unlocked and my sister told me today how she had chatted to a friends son for a good ten minutes, over the waist height fence and was apprehended by no-one, in fact they didn't even notice she was there.

DD is desperate to start tomorrow, but there is no way I could leave her there following what I've seen today.

I know I'm bound to have some issues whichever nursery I take her to, but not only was there no sign of the 'play and learn', structured environment we had been told of, there seem to be real safety risks to question.

DD is only 3, so I am tempted to put this on hold and look at more schools throught the next term, then delay her start until September at the very least (I do feel she'd benefit from socialising more)......

What would you do?

Dophus Wed 20-Apr-05 21:42:57

Sounds awful. Trust your feelings and delay starting until you've found somewhere you're happy with.
Can you take DD on a trip somewheere to spoil here tomorrow instead?

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