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Is a child who has been assessed as Gifted and Talented...

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Tanzie Wed 20-Apr-05 16:00:54

...deemed officially to have "special educational needs"?

JanH Wed 20-Apr-05 16:06:40

I believe so, Tanzie.

JoolsToo Wed 20-Apr-05 16:07:45

in reality I don't know - imo - yes!

JanH Wed 20-Apr-05 16:08:36

Oops - wrong again!

Doddle Wed 20-Apr-05 16:10:03

Not officially, but some schools do place the children on the SEN register and give them an IEP to reflect their individual needs.

Tanzie Wed 20-Apr-05 16:12:53

JanH, that's interesting, thanks for that link.

bundle Wed 20-Apr-05 16:16:14

maybe not "officially" but i would say so, yes

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